MPC Members' New Books Reading

By Marin Poetry Center

By Marin Poetry Center

MPC Members' New Books Reading

Blood Memory: Poems

Gail Newman


Henceforth I Ask Not Good Fortune

Dotty E. LeMieux


Agent Orange Roundup: Living with a Foot In Two Worlds

Cpl Brent MacKinnon and Lt Sandy Scull


Ghost Dogs

Dion O'Reilly


Prime Meridian: Poems by Connie Post

Connie Post


Crow Mind

Tobey Hiller


Birds of San Pancho and Other Poems of Place

Lucille Lang Day


Beside the Well

Donna Emerson


Temporary Kin

Kathleen McClung


Tango Man

Doreen Stock


through Eileen

Maxine Flasher-Dรผzgรผneş



Laurel Feigenbaum


Isolation Journal, 1: Volume One

Barb Reynolds


Borrowed Light

Ken Haas


Everything Turns Into Something Else: poems

Jeanne Wagner