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Michael's Surrealist Writers List

Collected Poems of Bob Kaufman

Bob Kaufman



Malcolm de Chazal


Discourse on Colonialism

Aime Cesaire


A Menagerie in Revolt: Selected Writings

Benjamin Peret


Self-Shadowing Prey

Gherasim Luca and Gh Rasim Luca


Writings of Marcel Duchamp PB (Revised)

Marcel Duchamp


The Collected Poems of Philip Lamantia

Philip Lamantia


Dreaming of Baghdad

Haifa Zangana



Jindrich Styrsky


Anthology of Black Humor

André Breton


Down Below

Leonora Carrington


The Conductor and Other Tales

Jean Ferry and Claude Ballaré


An Unspeakable Betrayal: Selected Writings of Luis Buñuel

Luis Bunuel and Luis Buñuel


Dark Spring

Unica Zurn