Mamihood Series: Baby Sleep & Bedtime Picture Books

By Li Yun Alvarado

By Li Yun Alvarado



The word alone triggers parents everywhere.


There are countless books and approaches to baby sleep. The only approach I can highly recommend is a mindset one: adjust your expectations.


It's amazing how much more manageable disrupted and limited sleep becomes when your expectations are that there will be a lot of disrupted and limited sleep in these early years (or is it forever now that you're a parent?).


Our family took an adjust expectations and no-to-minimal crying approach, and these "No Cry Sleep Solutions" books gave us a solid framework and several technique and approaches for different ages and stages. If our approach sounds like your family's style, I highly recommend these books. (That said, I have been home with the kids, so this more go with the flow approach has been more accessible to me than if you need to  return to work and they need to be on more of a regimented schedule). 


The other great piece of advice that all the "sleep experts" (eyeroll) give is to develop some sort of bedtime routine. Since reading books is a central part of ours, I thought I'd share some of the bedtime picture books that have been a hit with our kiddos (even if by "hit" I mean they have inspired our preschooler to ask us to read  them over and over again in an attempt to *not* go to sleep. Oops. What can I say? Bedtime is a continual work in progress over her).


Finally, when someone innocently tells you to "sleep when the baby sleeps."


You can shoot back: "Sleep when the baby sleeps; Do laundry when the baby does laundry." ;P


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The No-Cry Sleep Solution, Second Edition

Elizabeth Pantley

$17.00 $15.64

Good Night Yoga: A Pose-By-Pose Bedtime Story

Mariam Gates and Sarah Jane Hinder

$17.95 $16.51

Good Night Yoga: A Pose-By-Pose Bedtime Story

Mariam Gates and Sarah Jane Hinder

$9.95 $9.15

Board Book Version

The Going to Bed Book

Sandra Boynton

$5.99 $5.51

Night-Night, Little Pookie

Sandra Boynton and Sandra Boynton

$5.99 $5.51

Good Night, Gorilla Board Book

Peggy Rathmann

$7.99 $7.35

Go the Fuck to Sleep

Ricardo Cortés

$15.95 $14.67

Baby Dream/Sonando Con Bebe

Sunny Scribbins

$6.99 $6.43

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