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Local Authors

Claiming Ground: A Memoir

Laura Bell


Where Rivers Change Direction

Mark Spragg


Two Dot Ranch, A Biography of Place (Collector's)

Nancy Heyl Ruskowsky


The Pumpkin Eater

Steven W Horn


Cowboys and East Indians: Stories

Nina McConigley


The Wild Excellence: Notes from Untamed America

Leslie Patten


The Pie Letters: Thoughts and Reflections on Pie and Life

Coletta Kewitt and Cynthia Johnson Weed


Yellowstone Rising

Lynne Bama


My Ranch, Too: A Wyoming Memoir

Mary Budd Flitner and Teresa Jordan


People of the Morning Star: A People of Cahokia Novel (Book...

Kathleen O'Neal Gear and W. Michael Gear


The Trial of Tom Horn

John W Davis


The Cowboy Girl: The Life of Caroline Lockhart

John Clayton


Talisman: The Talisman Series

Tam Derudder Jackson


Warrior: The Talisman Series

Tam Derudder Jackson