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Sue C. Dugan


Sue C. Dugan’s writing was very descriptive and detailed. The way she eluded to Annie’s emotions was beautiful, so well written that I could actually feel them as I read. The way she described the settings and scenery was written in a way that allowed me to visualize the detail clearly and vividly. This book was well written and had an intriguing story line. It is perfect for someone who is interested in medical and scientific advancements. While this book is fiction, it’s the philosophical element of "what if" that was really interesting.


Fran Wilde

$17.99 $16.55

Riverland is a beautifully written story of two sisters just trying to survive their parent's stormy marriage. While being entirely fictional, it brings to the light a very important topic of domestic discord. Many children struggle with their parents fighting or even splitting up. Riverland's narrative brings an urgency to the issue, making it very real and relatable even with the book's fantastical setting. The characters are so realistic that I was rooting for them from the moment I opened the book. I recommend this book to any friend or reader looking for a good thriller with solid morals

Tyrone the Terrible

Jan Lis