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By LitPick Book Reviews

Emergency Contact (Reprint)

Mary H. K. Choi

$10.99 $10.11

I love a good, sappy love story, and especially one that comes out of extremely unusual circumstances. Add on top of that an interesting meet cute, and I am easily hooked. Once I got started on this book it was a quick read due to my curiosity of wanting to see how the two main characters, Penny and Sam, would develop in their relationship. The way their relationship truly came out of a necessary friendship was refreshing and also make me feel so giddy that I found myself smiling at my book as I read. I enjoyed how the author slowly led me into the characters but kept me interested by giving more history as they learned about each other. One thing I found confusing was Penny and Sam’s side stories; Penny writing an ongoing story for her writing class, and Sam was getting back into doing documentaries by filming a young boy that likes to skateboard. The story that Penny is writing was difficult to keep up with as a reader. Her story would pop up at random times, and her characters were confusing to me as a reader; I felt like there was symbolism in the story she was writing and her life, but I couldn’t quite make those connections. Sam’s side story popped out of nowhere and all of a sudden, he was urgent to get back into making documentaries. He decides to make his subject a young boy that likes to skateboard, and for awhile the story progressed normally. Then, after a few chapters, the storyline just died out and we didn’t hear about Sam’s documentary or the boy again. However, these two shortcomings did not keep me from enjoying the book as a whole and I look forward to recommending this to fellow readers.