Literary Theory

By Ten Thousand Li

By Ten Thousand Li

Literary Theory


John Frow


Modern Genre Theory

David Duff


Speech Genres and Other Late Essays

M M Bakhtin


Genres in Discourse

Tzvetan Todorov


Language And Communicative Practices

William F. Hanks


The Educated Imagination

Northrop Frye


Principles of Literary Criticism

I. a. Richards


Anatomy of Criticism: Four Essays (Revised)

Northrop Frye


Seven Types of Ambiguity

William Empson


Against Interpretation: And Other Essays

Susan Sontag


Six Memos for the Next Millennium

Italo Calvino


Why Read the Classics?

Italo Calvino



Edward W. Said


Truth and Method

Hans-Georg Gadamer


The Limits of Critique

Rita Felski


Against Deconstruction

John Martin Ellis