Literary Theory

By Ten Thousand Li

By Ten Thousand Li

Literary Theory


John Frow


Modern Genre Theory

David Duff


Speech Genres and Other Late Essays

M. M. Bakhtin


Genres in Discourse

Tzvetan Todorov


Language And Communicative Practices

William F. Hanks


The Educated Imagination

Northrop Frye


Principles of Literary Criticism

I. a. Richards


Anatomy of Criticism: Four Essays

Northrop Frye


Seven Types of Ambiguity

William Empson


Against Interpretation: And Other Essays

Susan Sontag


Six Walks in the Fictional Woods

Umberto Eco


Six Memos for the Next Millennium

Italo Calvino



Edward W Said


Truth and Method

Hans-Georg Gadamer


The Limits of Critique

Rita Felski


Against Deconstruction

John Martin Ellis