Literary Canon

By Karen Goltz

By Karen Goltz

These are books that are both established literary classics (mostly written by dead white guys) and books that are, in my opinion, required reading for everyone.

Oliver Twist

Charles Dickens

$8.00 $7.36

I was assigned this in seventh grade, but I've read it several times since then just because it's a great book.

Anna Karenina (Oprah #5): (penguin Classics Deluxe Edition) (Deluxe)

Leo Tolstoy

$20.00 $18.00

I was never assigned this in school, and I read it for fun long before Oprah recommended it. Yes, I read classic Russian literature for fun. You should try it sometime!

The Color Purple

Alice Walker

$17.00 $15.64

I know, everyone loves this book. But there's a reason for that!

Fahrenheit 451 (Reissue)

Ray D. Bradbury

$17.00 $15.64

It's spooky how so much of this is coming true.