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By Thames & Hudson

The Street Photographer's Manual

David Gibson

$21.95 $20.19

This volume introduces twenty of the most acclaimed international street photographers and includes twenty fully illustrated tutorials, with lessons on how to shoot a face in a crowd and how to train your eye to observe and capture the unexpected.

Graffiti School: A Student Guide and Teacher's Manual

Christoph Ganter

$24.95 $22.95

"Its aim is not only to educate …gives …insight into the practical and theoretical aspects of graffiti." — Complex: Art & Design

How to Write about Contemporary Art

Gilda Williams

$24.95 $22.95

How to Write About Contemporary Art is the definitive guide to writing engagingly about the art of our time.

Ways of Drawing: Artists' Perspectives and Practices

The Royal Drawing School

$45.00 $41.40

A generously illustrated collection of essays on drawing as a vital intellectual, artistic, and life practice―by the artists of the Royal Drawing School.

Calligraphy and Lettering: A Maker's Guide

Victoria and Albert Museum


Embroidery: A Maker's Guide

Victoria and Albert Museum


Paper Crafts: A Maker's Guide

Victoria and Albert Museum


Patchwork & Quilting: A Maker's Guide

Victoria and Albert Museum


The Handmade Life

Ramona Barry and Rebecca Jobson


"This hefty compendium of craft techniques seeks to provide an introduction, examples, design notes, tools, instructions, and a beginner-level project for each of 33 crafts." - Booklist

Islamic Design Workbook

Eric Broug


With forty-eight Islamic geometric compositions from around the world to choose from, artists at all skill levels will relish the myriad opportunities to replicate these intricate patterns, or create their own.

Type Journal: A Typeface and Lettering Sketchbook


A journal for sketching, tracing, and coloring classic typefaces. An illustrated gallery offers terminology and tips from the pros.

Chineasy Travel

Shaolan Hsueh and Noma Bar

$14.95 $13.75

ShaoLan Hsueh's visual, building-block-style teaching method makes learning characters simple and fun: by learning common characters, readers can quickly grasp and communicate basic words and phrases while traveling.