Knives, Knife Making & Knife Fighting

By Biz Books

By Biz Books

Knives, Knife Making & Knife Fighting

Knives 2021, 41st Edition


Knife: The Culture, Craft and Cult of the Cook's Knife

Tim Hayward and Chie Kutsuwada


Knife Sharpening Made Easy

Stefan Steigerwald


Guide to Knife & Ax Throwing

Dieter Fรผhrer


Making Leather Knife Sheaths, Volume 1

David Hรถlter


Wayne Goddard's $50 Knife Shop, Revised

Wayne Goddard


Bowie and Big Knife Fighting System

Dwight C McLemore


Knives 2020


Knife & Tomahawk Throwing: The Art of the Experts

Harry K. McEvoy


Making Your Own Bush Knife: A Beginner's Guide for the...

Bradley Richardson


Knifemaking for Beginners: Step-By-Step Guide to Making a...

Stefan Steigerwald and Dirk Burmester


The Knife Fighting of Cold Steel

Marc Lawrence, Chad McBroom, et al.


A Sure Defense: The Bowie Knife in America

Mark D. Zalesky and William B. Worthen


How to Make Knives

Richard W Barney and Robert W Loveless


Japanese Knives and Sharpening Techniques

Tsukiyama Yoshitaka Cutlery


Ballistic Knives

Wolfgang Peter-Michel


Japanese Kitchen Knives: Essential Techniques and Recipes

Hiromitsu Nozaki and Kate Klippensteen


Knives and Scabbards

J. Cowgill, N. Griffiths, et al.


Randall Knives: Rare, Unique, & Experimental

Robert E. Hunt


Forging Damascus Steel Knives for Beginners

Ernst G Siebeneicher-Hellwig


Introduction to Knifemaking: The Beginner's DIY Guide to...

Jason Northgard and Dan Berg


Liner Lock Knives

Stefan Steigerwald and Peter Fronteddu


Folding Knives: Carry and Deployment

Steve Tarani


Carve!: A Book on Wood, Knives and Axes

Hannes Dahlrot and Henrik Francke


Bram Frank Knives

Bram Frank


Silver - Bladed Folding Fruit Knives

MR D. P. Hall


Keen Kutter Pocket Knives

Alvin Sellens


Making Integral Knives

Peter Fronteddu


Making Hidden Tang Knives

Heinrich Schmidbauer


Combat Knives and Knife Combat: Knife Models, Carrying...

Dietmar Pohl and Jim Wagner


Making Full Tang Knives for Beginners: Step-By-Step Manual...

Stefan Steigerwald and Peter Fronteddu


Religious Knives: Historical and Psychological Dimensions of...

Jouni Suistola and Vamik Volkan


The Puukko: Finnish Knives from Antiquity to Today

Anssi Ruusuvuori