By Detroit Jewish Book Fair

JLearn Recommends

Florence Adler Swims Forever

Rachel Beanland



Cynthia Ozick


Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor

Yossi Klein Halevi



Elie Wiesel


Jewish Way in Death and Mourning

Maurice Lamm


As a Driven Leaf

Milton Steinberg


Why Faith Matters

David J. Wolpe


The Chosen

Chaim Potok


When Bad Things Happen to Good People

Harold S. Kushner


The Sabbath

Abraham Joshua Heschel and Ilya Schor


Bee Season

Myla Goldberg


The Tenth Muse

Catherine Chung


To the Edge of Sorrow

Aharon Appelfeld


The Book of Jeremiah: A Novel in Stories

Julie Zuckerman


Playing with Matches

Suri Rosen


Patrimony: A True Story

Philip Roth


The the Book of Genesis: A Biography

Ronald Hendel


The Book of Exodus: A Biography

Joel S. Baden


The Song of Songs: A Biography

Ilana Pardes


The Book of Job: A Biography

Mark Larrimore


The Passover Haggadah: A Biography

Vanessa L. Ochs


The Dead Sea Scrolls: A Biography

John J. Collins


The Talmud: A Biography

Barry Scott Wimpfheimer