By Hidden Gems Literary Emporium

Independent Authors

When Women Speak: The Anthology Volume One

Authored And Am Shabazz-Bilal


The Rogue's Way

Rosemary Dawson


Rosin Dubh: The Irish Dream Catcher

Rosemary Dawson


Shadows: Numerology

Rosemary Dawson


The Immortals Poject: Powerhouse Book 1

Jordan Boulware


Raised as a Lie

Naeema K. Olatunji


Interstitial: A Collection of Poetry

Annie Lure


Savage Inequalities: Children in America's Schools

Jonathan Kozol


Paw Prints: Bodie's Search for Home

Ginny Stone


I walked a MILE...

Linda Craddock


What a Trip

Susen Edwards


Pandora's Christmas

Michael MacDonnell


Wolf Creek

William J. Pardue and Patrick J. Pardue


Trails of the Skinwalker

Steven Noixium Berrios


Sally and the Magic River

H Frank Gaertner


Perfectly Flawed: poetry for change

Malak Kalmoni


Freedom Lessons

Eileen Harrison Sanchez


Muddied Waters

Theo Clarkson


The Ugandan Tales

Victor Rumanyika


I Drove A Red Car To A Better Me

Dean Skewes