By Variations on a Theme - Human Rights and Social Justice

Human Rights and The Arts

Queer Times, Black Futures

Kara Keeling


Lost Pianos of Siberia

Sophy Roberts


Misty Copeland


Black Angel: The Life of Arshile Gorky

Nouritza Matossian


Rethinking Arshile Gorky

Kim S. Theriault


The New Negro: The Life of Alain Locke

Jeffrey C. Stewart


Reflecting Freedom: How Fashion Mirrored the Struggle for...

MS Eileen Tannich Gose and MS Kathy Wiederstein Deherrera


Return of Simple

Langston Hughes


A Tempest

Aimé Césaire


Notebook of a Return to the Native Land

Aimé Césaire


A Season in the Congo

Aimé Césaire


The Collected Poetry

Aime Cesaire


Lost Body (Corps Perdu)

Aimé Césaire and Pablo Picasso


Culture and Imperialism

Edward W Said


The Freedom Artist

Ben Okri


Black Theater Is Black Life: An Oral History of Chicago...

Harvey Young and Queen Meccasia Zabriskie


Theatre & Race (2013)

Harvey Young


Electric Arches

Eve L. Ewing



Eve L. Ewing


Colored People Time

Meg Onli


A Practical Guide to Sustainable Fashion

Alison Gwilt


White Girls

Hilton Als


Beyond the Gender Binary

Alok Vaid-Menon and Ashley Lukashevsky


Vexy Thing: On Gender and Liberation

Imani Perry


Glimpses of a Forever Foreigner: Poetry and Artwork Inspired...

Lawrence Matsuda and Roger Shimomura


The Secret History of Wonder Woman

Jill Lepore