Hoxton Mini Press

By Photomachina

By Photomachina

Hoxton Mini Press

The East End in Colour 1980-1990

Tim Brown


Paradise Street: The Lost Art of Playing Outside

Mary Evans Picture Library


Dog Show

Shirley Baker


The Isle of Dogs: Before the Big Money

Mike Seaborne


The East End in Colour 1960-1980

David Granick


New Girl Order

Iain McKell


Miami Beach 1988-1995

Barry Lewis



Peter Zelewski


The Crash

Stephen McLarin


Bored Tourists

Laurence Stephens


Startup London

Christina Hopkinson


London Nights

Anna Sparham



Sophie Harris-Taylor


Unseen London

Rachel Segal Hamilton


Really Good Dog Photography

Lucy Davies, Hoxton Mini Press, et al.


Sunday Football

Chris Baker




One Day Young

Jenny Lewis


The Silence of Dogs in Cars

Martin Usborne


Hackney Archive: Work and Life 1971-1985

Neil Martinson


London Underground 1970-1980

Mike Goldwater


Invisible Jumpers

Joseph Ford


Once Upon a Time in Brick Lane

Paul Trevor


Launderama: London's Launderettes

Joshua Blackburn


Urban Gypsies

Paul Wenham-Clarke


London's Square Mile: A Secret City

Polly Braden and David Kynaston


Berlin Nights

Christian Reister



Samuel Zeller


New York Waterways

Susannah Ray


Urban Dirt Bikers

Spencer Murphy


London Youth

Julian Mรคhrlein