By The Exchange Mom's Bookshop

High School Exchange

In a Strange Land: A Student's Guide to Studying Abroad

Study Abroad Institute


Living with Your Exchange Student

Ina Cherington


Exchange: Anecdotes of an American Host Family & Their...

Hannah Overly and Matthew Smith


Joop Does America: Life of an Exchange Student

Jeannie Ingraham and Joop Wijnandts


Daughter Henry: The True Story of a Russian Exchange Student...

Nelli Mukhametshina and Dr Olaf Hoeckmann-Percival


The Study Abroad Handbook

Caroline Rueckert and Anna Lidstone


Global Classroom: An Essential Guide to Study Abroad

Jeffrey S. Lantis and Jessica Duplaga


Study Abroad: How to Get the Most Out of Your Experience

Michele-Marie Dowell and Kelly Mirsky