Heart-Wrenching Romance Novels

By Kara Skinner

By Kara Skinner


Diana Gabaldon

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Claire is a happily married former war nurse in 1945. But that all comes to an end when she and her husband, Frank, are on vacation in Scotland and she walks through an ancient circle of stone in the Scottish highlands, sending her back to the year 1743. After being catapulted into a land torn by war, superstition, and corruption, Claire must learn to survive in a country that is against her own nationality, the English. But that’s nothing compared to dealing with a young Scottish warrior named Jamie Fraser who has a dark past and an even darker future. But Jamie shows her such love and devotion that Claire is torn between her heart and fidelity.

Gabriel's Ghost

Linnea Sinclair


Former ship captain Chasidah Bergren has been exiled to a wasteland prison planet for a crime she didn’t commit. The prison planet is almost certain death due to the brutal conditions and no one ever escapes from it. That is, until mercenary Gabriel Sullivan, a long-time enemy from Chaz’s captain days, comes back from the dead to offer her a way off the planet in exchange for help. Someone in the Empire is breeding brutal killing machines that will decimate everything in the Imperial space unless someone stops them first. Gabriel needs Chaz’s help to do just that, and Chaz agrees to the deal. Even teaming up with a professional criminal was worth getting off that planet. But even though Chaz is free from exile, her troubles are far from over. Her world is turned upside-down as her old prejudices are ripped apart and she realizes not everyone is how they seem. Gabriel is much more than the rogue he appears to be and while Chaz cannot deny the powerful attraction between them, Gabriel is a danger that she might not be ready for.

The Boss: Billionaire Romance

Lexy Timms


Jamie Connors has given up on finding a man. Despite being smart, pretty, and just slightly overweight, she’s a magnet for the kind of guys that don’t stay around. Her sister’s wedding is at the foreground of the family’s attention. Jamie would be find with it if her sister wasn’t pressuring her to lose weight so she’ll fit in the maid of honor dress, her mother would get off her case and her ex-boyfriend wasn’t about to become her brother-in-law. Determined to step out on her own, she accepts a PA position from billionaire Alex Reid. The job includes an apartment on his property and gets her out of living in her parent’s basement. Jamie has to balance her life and somehow figure out how to manage her billionaire boss, without falling in love with him.

Lady Falls

Renee Bernard


Raven Wells is no ordinary girl. Plucked from an orphanage by a scheming earl, she has been raised like a thoroughbred, groomed for one purpose: Revenge. Unfortunately, the Earl of Trent never let her in on the plan, so when she meets the man of her dreams, Sir Phillip Warrick, she has no idea that every lesson, every tutor and every impulsive inch of her was crafted for his seduction and destruction. What she does know is that love is the prize she wants most and that nothing should stand in a woman’s way to getting what she wants. Phillip Warrick is simply trying to recover his friendship with the earl, unaware that the man has spent years laying the foundation for destroying Phillip’s peace of mind. What he does know is that the earl’s ward, Raven Wells, is mesmerizing, fascinating and apparently without reserve. Witty, beautiful, impulsive and impossible—she is like a siren beckoning him to forget the rules and seize only the pleasures of the moment. Together, their love will set in motion a series of events that no one can foresee. Revenge creates more than one victim, but also more than one winner. Raven Wells will be transformed into a force of nature the likes of which Victorian London has never experienced before. LADY FALLS is the birth of the Black Rose and the end of innocence.