Giant Declan Series by Rushing River Books

By Rushing River Books

By Rushing River Books

Giant Declan & The Candy Treasure

Troy David Ouellette


Join Giant Declan on his adventures, as a small boy looking to overcome his fears, make new friends, and sail the seas in search of new experiences. As Declan grows and becomes a guide to his companions Binky and Turner, they encounter the surprises that life brings in an unfamiliar world.

Giant Declan and Snugglight's Christmas

Troy David Ouellette

$16.99 $15.63

In this story Giant Declan, Princess Freya and friends: Turner, Binky and Marie, help to confront Simon Snead, a sinister, wealthy industrialist. Snead gives each child in the town a Snugglight (a small cute cuddly toy that glows in the dark.) When the Snugglight King is ensnared the town goes dark. The evil Simon Snead seizes the opportunity to charge the children for the energy to power their toys. Giant Declan, and his friends, must find the legendary King of the Snugglights and illuminate the town before Santa comes to deliver his gifts. Towards the stories end the heroes, rise to the occasion, to reveal that friendship, cooperation and perseverance save the spirit of Christmas and bring joy back to the inhabitants of Fezziwig

Giant Declan & the Dancing Robot

Troy David Ouellette

$14.00 $12.88

The story begins with Giant Declan and his friends, finding an old Kraftwerk record, in a rubbish heap. By assembling various components, from the junkyard, the friends are able to play the record and inadvertently summon the voice of an abandoned robot. To their surprise, they manage to help the robot “Newtral” while finding inner strength, and new abilities. With the robot's help they scan the rubbish in hopes of finding the needed components to help the dancing robot, recover. Their new friend also helps them search for a candy treasure with a magic pearl. They need to quickly find the treasure and extract the pearl to save “Newtral” who is running dangerously low on power.

Giant Declan & the Love Beyond Pluto

Troy David Ouellette

$13.99 $12.87

Reaching towards the edge of the solar system, Giant Declan, and his friends, embark on an epic journey. Along the way they pass the giant planets Jupiter and Saturn. Latching on to a comet, they speed towards Pluto in search of “M” but her ship is abandoned. Will they find “M” in time to rescue her and the mysterious Ferryman, who searches for a cure to her illness? Only time will tell.

Declan Le Géant & le Trésor de Bonbons

Troy D. Ouellette

$15.49 $14.25

Rejoignez Declan Le Géant dans ses aventures de petit garçon, cherchant à surmonter ses peurs, à se faire de nouveaux amis et à naviguer sur les mers à la recherche de nouvelles expériences. Au fur et à mesure que Declan grandit et devient un guide pour ses compagnons, Binky et Turner, ils découvrent les surprises que la vie apporte dans un monde inconnu. Raconter des histoires est la clé de l'apprentissage et de la compréhension et c'est avec plaisir que nous partageons ces histoires avec vous.