For A Laugh Or Two

By Town House Books

For A Laugh Or Two

Star Wars: Dad Jokes: The Best Worst Jokes and Puns from a...

Kelly Knox and Johnny Sampson


There Are Dads Way Worse Than You: Unimpeachable Evidence of...

Glenn Boozan and Priscilla Witte


Disappointing Affirmations

Dave Tarnowski


Goodnight Night Sweats: A Parody for the Menopausal (and...

Haut Flasch and Mina Pauze


A Guide to Midwestern Conversation

Taylor Kay Phillips


Simple Times

Amy Sedaris


The Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Book

Jerry Seinfeld


I Exaggerate: My Brushes with Fame

Kevin Nealon


All the Women in My Brain: And Other Concerns

Betty Gilpin


Rejected Books: The Most Unpublishable Books of All Time

Rob Hibbert and Graham Johnson


I'd Like to Play Alone, Please: Essays

Tom Segura



David Sedaris


Porn for Women: (Funny Books for Women, Books for Women with...

Cambridge Women's Pornography Cooperative