First People: Past & Present Voices from North American Indigenous Communities

By Paradise Found

By Paradise Found

We Are Still Here!: Native American Truths Everyone Should Know

Traci Sorell and Frane Lessac

$17.99 $16.55

Ages 7 - 10

Black Elk Speaks

John G. Neihardt

$21.95 $20.19

The Radiant Lives of Animals

Linda Hogan

$19.95 $18.35

Braiding Sweetgrass

Robin Wall Kimmerer

$18.00 $16.56

Lakota Woman

Mary Crow Dog

$16.00 $14.72

Lakota America: A New History of Indigenous Power

Pekka Hamalainen

$35.00 $32.20

Crazy Horse: A Lakota Life

Kingsley M. Bray

$26.95 $24.79

The Journey of Crazy Horse: A Lakota History

Joseph M. Marshall

$18.00 $16.56

Black Elk's Vision: A Lakota Story

S. D. Nelson

$9.99 $9.19

Crazy Horse: The Lakota Warrior's Life & Legacy

The Edward Clown Family

$30.00 $27.60

Black Elk: The Sacred Ways of a Lakota

Elk Wallace Black

$14.99 $13.79

The Lakota Sweat Lodge Cards: Spiritual Teachings of the Sioux

Helene Sarkis and Chief Archie Fire Lame Deer

$34.95 $32.15

Voices of the Winds: Native American Legends

Margot Edmonds and Ella Clark

$9.99 $9.19

Native American Tarot

Lo Scarabeo

$23.95 $22.03

Native American Folklore & Traditions

Elsie Clews Parson

$19.99 $18.39

The Art Of Native American Flute Making

Charlie Mato-Toyela


The Story of Jumping Mouse: A Native American Legend

John Steptoe and John Steptoe

$7.99 $7.35

Native North American Art

Janet Catherine Berlo and Ruth B. Phillips


Diné: A History of the Navajos

Peter Iverson

$29.95 $27.55

Dreaming of Sheep in Navajo Country

Marsha Weisiger


Laguna Pueblo: A Photographic History

Tom Corbett and Lee Marmon

$39.95 $36.75

Kachina Tales from the Indian Pueblos

Gene Hodge

$12.95 $11.91

Pueblo Bead Jewelry: Living Design

Paula A. Baxter


The Zuni Man-Woman

Will Roscoe


The Pottery of Zuni Pueblo

Dwight P. Lanmon, Harlow Francis H., et al.


Onigamiising: Seasons of an Ojibwe Year

Linda Legarde Grover

$14.95 $13.75

Ojibwe: Waasa Inaabidaa, We Look in All Directions

Thomas Peacock and Marlene Wisuri

$34.95 $32.15


Valerie Bodden


Indeh: A Story of the Apache Wars

Ethan Hawke and Greg Ruth


A Yaqui Life: The Personal Chronicle of a Yaqui Indian

William Curry Holden, Jane Holden Kelley, et al.

$24.95 $22.95

Yaqui Women: Contemporary Life Histories

Jane Holden Kelley

$15.00 $13.80

Iroquois: People of the Longhouse

Michael Johnson


Iroquois Art, Power, and History

Neal B. Keating


Iroquois on Fire: A Voice from the Mohawk Nation

Douglas M. George-Kanentiio

$16.95 $15.59


Quinn M. Arnold


Nez Perce

Valerie Bodden


The Chumash

Dorothy Jennings


The People and Culture of the Chumash

Raymond Bial and Joel Newsome


Earth Wisdom: A California Chumash Woman

Yolanda Broyles-González, Yolanda Broyles-Gonzalez, et al.



Jim Whiting


Healing Plants: Medicine of the Florida Seminole Indians

Susan Enns Stans and Alice Micco Snow


The Arapaho

Alfred L. Kroeber

$29.95 $27.55


Jim Whiting


Skb Cape Dorset/Inuit Art

Inc Pomegranate Communications

$8.95 $8.23


Barbara A. Gray-Kanatiiosh