Film Theory and Criticism

By Light Industry

By Light Industry

Film Theory and Criticism

André Bazin

Dudley Andrew


Film Essays and Criticism

Rudolf Arnheim



Alain Badiou


The Devil Finds Work

James Baldwin



Nico Baumbach


What Is Cinema? Volume I

André Bazin


What Is Cinema? Volume II

André Bazin


The Analysis of Film

Raymond Bellour


A Short History of Cahiers Du Cinema

Emilie Bickerton


Narration in the Fiction Film

David Bordwell


Poetics of Cinema

David Bordwell


Stan Brakhage: Metaphors on Vision

Stan Brakhage


Narrative Comprehension and Film

Edward Branigan


Theory of Film Practice

Noel Burch


Theorizing the Moving Image

Noel Carroll


Theories of Authorship

John Caughie


Audio-Vision: Sound on Screen

Michel Chion


The Voice in Cinema

Michel Chion


The Rey Chow Reader

Rey Chow


The Film Factory: Russian and Soviet Cinema in Documents...

Ian Christie, Richard Taylor, et al.


Critical Visions in Film Theory: Classic and Contemporary...

Meta Mazaj, Patricia White, et al.


Postcards from the Cinema

Serge Daney


Essential Deren: Collected Writings on Film

Maya Deren


Devotional Cinema: Revised 3rd Edition

Nathaniel Dorsky


The Essential Raymond Durgnat

Henry K. Miller


The Eisenstein Reader

Sergei Eisenstein


Film Theory: An Introduction through the Senses

Malte Hagener and Thomas Elsaesser


The Intelligence of a Machine

Jean Epstein


Materialist Film

Peter Gidal


From the Third Eye: The Evergreen Review Film Reader

Ed Halter and Barney Rosset


Signatures of the Visible

Fredric Jameson


Gramophone, Film, Typewriter

Friedrich A Kittler


The Art of the Moving Picture

Vachel Lindsay


Film Language: A Semiotics of the Cinema

Christian Metz


The Cinema, or the Imaginary Man

Edgar Morin


Auteur Theory and My Son John

James Morrison


Visual and Other Pleasures

L. Mulvey


Vsevolod Pudovkin: Selected Essays

Vsevolod Pudovkin


Film Fables

Jacques Rancière


The Future of the Image

Jacques Ranciere


The Intervals of Cinema

Jacques Ranciere


The Virtual Life of Film

D. N. Rodowick


Movies as Politics

Jonathan Rosenbaum


Placing Movies: The Practice of Film Criticism

Jonathan Rosenbaum


Poetics of Cinema

Raul Ruiz


Poetics of Cinema 2

Raul Ruiz


The Ordinary Man of Cinema

Jean Louis Schefer


Literature and Cinematography

Viktor Borisovich Shklovskii


Media Reception Studies

Janet Staiger


The Wretched of the Screen

Hito Steyerl


Sculpting in Time: Reflections on the Cinema

Andrey Tarkovsky



Dziga Vertov


Dark Designs and Visual Culture

Michele Wallace


Invisibility Blues: From Pop to Theory

Michele Wallace


Roland Barthes' Cinema

Philip Watts


Hitchcock's Films Revisited

Robin Wood


Howard Hawks

Robin Wood