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Fiction Novels

The Sympathizer: A Novel (Pulitzer Prize for Fiction)

Viet Thanh Nguyen


Glorious: A Science Fiction Novel

Gregory Benford and Larry Niven


A Song for Bellafortuna: An Inspirational Italian Historical...

Vincent B. Chip Lococo


Novel Houses: Twenty Famous Fictional Dwellings

Christina Hardyment


The Centurion Cross: A Biblical Fiction Novel

Mike Haley and Kyle Caves


For a New Novel: Essays on Fiction

Richard Howard and Alain Robbe-Grillet


Forgiveness Road

Mandy Mikulencak


The Spirit Hunters: A Novel of Prehistoric Fiction

Shirley G. East


Kyzer's Destiny: A Novel of Historical Fiction

Howard Hall Jon Howard Hall


Sincere's Ways: Urban Fiction Novel

Shanika Neek Washington


Homo Cosmicus: A Science Fiction Novel

Todor Bombov


Shipstar: A Science Fiction Novel

Gregory Benford and Larry Niven


Baby Girl: an urban fiction novel

Smokey Moment


For an American: Fiction, Literature, Novel,

Joanna Katarzyna Oszczypala


Novels and Other Fictions: Reviews by

Dennis Littrell


The Chosen: A Novel of Prehistoric Fiction

Shirley G. East


Family Life: Fictional novel

Jonathan Gregory


Shattered Innocence: Fictional Novel

MS Diane L. Hynson


September Mourning: A Fictional Novel.

Charles Narasi


Uezen: A Science Fiction Novel

Snowdon King


Wrathworld: A Science Fiction Novel

Thomas Henry Quell


Lightpaths: A Science Fiction Novel

Howard V. Hendrix


Guanjo: A Science Fiction Novel

Joel R. Dennstedt


Habu: A Science Fiction Novel

James B. Johnson


The Necromancers: A Novel of Victorian Fiction

Robert Hugh Benson


Valencies: A Science Fiction Novel

Rory Barnes and Damien Broderick


If Only: An Inspirational Fiction Novel

Joan Fennell Carringer


The Inheritors: Science Fiction Novel

Joseph Conrad and Ford Madox Ford


Nutrition Revolution: Not a Novel. Not Fiction.

Will David Mitchell


Trekmaster: A Science Fiction Novel

James B. Johnson


Zones: A Science Fiction Novel

Rory Barnes and Damien Broderick


Glimpse: A Science Fiction Novel

John Russell Fearn


Enter the King: Novel: Fiction

Ibomcha Kolom


Khi to Freedom: A Science Fiction Novel

Ardath Mayhar


Thread of Life: A Novel of Historical Fiction

Stephen Us a Noack


Shackles from the Grave: Fictional Novel

Cynthia Lynn Stigger


The Dust Destroyer: A Science Fiction Novel

John Russell Fearn


War Games: A Science Fiction Novel

Brian Stableford


The Gates of Eden: A Science Fiction Novel

Brian Stableford


Fragments of Me: A Science Fiction Novel

Eric G. Swedin


American Lions: An American Fiction Novel

Tina Marlene Goodman


A Continent Adrift: A Science Fiction Novel

Vladimir Chernozemsky


Better Angels: A Science Fiction Novel

Howard V. Hendrix


Slaves of Ijax: A Science Fiction Novel

John Russell Fearn


Taking the Cure: A Novel of Historical Fiction

Doris Hale Sanders


Realmgolds: A Novel of the Gryphon Clerks

Digital Fiction and Mike Reeves-McMillan


Zika Monsters: Action-Horror-Fiction Novel

Ezequiel F. Romero


After Bondage and War: An Historic Fiction Novel

MR David Claire Jennings and David Claire Jennings


Post Mortal Syndrome: A Science Fiction Novel

Damien Broderick and Barbara Lamar


Thriller Csi: Thriiler, Novel, Literature, Fiction

Joanna Katarzyna Oszczypala


Our Father, Who Art in Cuba: Fictional Novel

MR Brian L. Kerr


Runaway Best Seller

Lee Silber


Best Sellers

Scott Davis


The Girl on the Best Seller List

Vin Packer


Dancing with Cats: From the Creators of the International...

Burton Silver and Heather Busch


The Best Seller

Dina Rae


Gareth's Guide to Writing a Best Seller

Kristen Rajczak Nelson


Hunt the Moon

Karen Chance


The Hunted: A Vampire Huntress Legend

L. A. Banks


A Secret for a Secret

Helena Hunting


Darkness Hunts

Keri Arthur


The Husband Hunt

Lynsay Sands


The Hallowed Hunt

Yasmine Galenorn


The Hunting Trip: A Novel of Love and War

William E. Butterworth


Imitation of Wife

La Jill Hunt


Judah's Wife: A Novel of the Maccabees

Angela Hunt


Fractures In Ink

Helena Hunting


The Librarian Principle

Helena Hunting


Hunting Memories

Barb Hendee


The Midnight Hunt

L. L. Raand


Hunt Me

Louise Cypress


The Wolf Hunt: A Novel of the Crusades

Gillian Bradshaw


Moon Hunted

Jennifer Snyder


The Hunt

Charlie Daye and C. E. Black


The Hunt

Andrew C. Watzek


The Hunt

James Seligman


The Hunted

Jay Shaw



Oliverio Arreola



Graig Mantle



Beverley Bateman


The Hunt

Jane Bailey


Daddy's Gone a Hunting

Mary Higgins Clark


Fish Girl

David Wiesner and Donna Jo Napoli


Big Fish: A Novel of Mythic Proportions

Daniel Wallace


Gould's Book of Fish: A Novel in 12 Fish

Richard Flanagan


Runaway Alien: A Science Fiction Adventure for Kids

Alec Eberts and Paul Smith-Goodson


Mysterious Island (Illustrated): The Science-fiction...

Jules Verne and Wayne Kyle Spitzer


Fugitives: A Science Fiction Adventure

Nick Langenberg


Encyclopedia of Adventure Fiction

Don D'Ammassa


Degranon: A Science Fiction Adventure

Duane Simolke


Trainee: A Science Fiction Adventure

Margaret McGaffey Fisk


Haiti Sing: adventure fiction

Tony Manshino


Uthuru: An Adventure Science Fiction Novel

Paul E. Biagi III


Hidden: A Dystopian Science Fiction Adventure

Troy J. McLaughlan


Diamond Rain: Action and Adventure Science Fiction

Michael James Gallagher


Science Fiction, Science Fact: Action Literacy

Peter Gribben and Wendy St Germain


Fractured Prophecy: A Sword and Planet Adventure

Pj McDermott


Chicago 1871: A Science Fiction Thriller

James E. Merl


Voids: A Science Fiction Thriller

Lavina Vanorny-Barcus


Kraken: A science fiction thriller

Grinolsson and Grin Olsson


Virus: A Science Fiction Thriller

Norton S. Beckerman