By Our Little Bookstore


Enemy Women

Paulette Jiles


The Last Good Halloween

Giano Cromley


Thin Places

Elie Axelroth


A Closet Feminist

Carla Sarett



Dan Smith


Parade of Shades

Jewel Hopson


Mirrored Mirage

Sophie Blair


The Prince of Infinite Space

Giano Cromley


The Curious Odyssey of Rudolph Bloom

Richard Reeder


Narrow Girls on a Blue Profound Stage

Lisa L Sellge


Cross Body Lead

Elie Axelroth


The Looking Glass

Carla Sarett


Cracked Reflections

Joanna Michal Hoyt


The Smallest Universe

Wm Anthony Connolly


Sherlock Holmes and the Remaining Improbable

Susanne M Dutton


Late, Late in the Evening

Stephen Grant


Until We're Fish

Susannah R Drissi


Spools of Red Twine

Rachel Pacelli


In Search of a Happy Ending

Rosa Jordan


The Blues, Mary

Sarah Kay


Lucky Southern Women

Susannah Eanes



Howard Winn


Something Like My Name

Adam Phillips