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Murder, She Wrote: Killer on the Court

Jessica Fletcher and Terrie Farley Moran

$27.00 $24.84

The Play of His Life

Amy Aislin


Killer Words

V. M. Burns

$15.95 $14.67

Murder in the Christmas Tree Lot

Judith Gonda


Murder, She Wrote: Debonair in Death

Jessica Fletcher and Terrie Farley Moran

$26.00 $23.92

I stil get excited at the idea of Murder She Wrote books. I love how this one too, feels like I have been transported into my 80’s TV to live for a bit. Writing a good mystery is a challenge. Writing a good mystery that stays true to the memories of thousands of fans of the series has to present its own set of challenges. Terrie Farley Moran has once again written Jessica flawlessly. Jessica Fletcher is the quintessential cozy protagonist. She sees everything. She is as sharp as a tack. She has a beautifully analytic mind that is tempered with compassion. Most importantly she is an expert at reading people. She may not know who dunnit, but that super power of hers is often the thing that tells her who didn’t. In Debonair in Death she feels the need to clear the name of the young woman accused of murdering an unpleasant shop owner. There is no shortage of suspects or motives. When secret agent, Michael Haggerty comes snooping around she realizes that the whole thing might be bigger than just a local murder. She has her hands sleuthing while trying to work on her latest book. Between her civic committees, clubs, and the more than occasional murder investigations, how she ever has time to write any of her books, I have yet to figure out. She has to be the busiest retired person ever. The best part of this newest installment is that it takes place in Cabot Cove, Maine. In the series, Jessica in her natural environment is always the best Jessica. She knows everyone in town and sooner or later she digs up all the goings on. It is the perfect eastern seacoast small town, Small but never short on drama and intrigue. With Cabot Cove comes her good friend Seth. By far my favorite of her cohorts, he is opposite her in so many ways. She is health conscious, jogging daily, biking around town, eating clean. Seth on the other hand, despite his medical background, enjoys life, good comfort food, and the occasional vice. The back and forth between the two of them is worth the price of admission and could carry any story on its own. Appearances from other series favorite characters in this story is much appreciated. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Rating: 5 out of 5.

Deadly Target

Elizabeth Goddard

$15.99 $14.71


Lis Anna-Langston

$16.95 $15.59

A Perfect Bind

Dorothy St James

$26.00 $23.92

Twisted Tea Christmas

Laura Childs

$26.00 $23.92

The Fog Ladies: In the Soup

Susan McCormick


The Marshal's Lady: A Time Travel Western Romance

Josie Malone


I haven’t read this series yet, but after finishing book 3, I have to admit I do intend to. Detective Bethany Chambers is on the trail of a ruthless killer. Little does she know where that trail is going to lead. Take a pinch of paranormal, add the cowboy and hard core mystery genres, mix well and season with time travel and you will pretty well sum up this book. Surprisingly, credit due to the author, it does justice to them all. From the opening prologue to the end that says there will probably be more books for me to catch up on in the future, this book is an enjoyable read. When she is thrown from her horse Beth begins a journey into the past at least that is what she keeps being told. She discovers another lawman, hot on the trail of bank robbers, shot through the chest and probably dying, but she can’t leave him on his own when it is uncertain just when or how help will arrive. She soon learns that while he has his own opinions about how women in his time should behave, he respects her work ethic and perseverance. The two of them together work to solve the mystery of a killer who seems to have taken lives in both of their times and needs to be caught. Normally I would next talk about how well written and exciting the cast of characters is, and they are. I loved how meeting each new person drove the story forward without being obvious about it. Each person has a small story in the whole that makes turning the pages to find out more very necessary. However, in this instance, what stands out more is the duality of law enforcement separated by over one hundred years. He has to let certain things slide that she sees as essential, while he needs to catch up on modern tactics that really don’t have a place in his world. Together they seek justice and peace in their piece of the world above all and it really kind of works. So, the characters… Well this where reading book one of the series might have come in handy. Not because it is needed in order to enjoy this book, but there is so much backstory that I am itching to find out. Trace is the perfect partner in crime for Beth and together there probably isn’t much that they can’t handle. Still while both women are tomboys, they both do offer glimpses into just how fun it is to be a girl around real men’s men like their cowboys. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Rating: 5 out of 5.

Deadly Summer Nights

Vicki Delany

$7.99 $7.35

Death by Leprechaun: A Saint Patrick's Day Murder in Dublin

Jennifer S. Alderson


I have found the series to be lots of fun. It features a spunky heroine who is at home in all the great cities in Europe, is great at her job, and takes the more than occasional murder in stride. The thing I find most intriguing and also most inviting about this series is the fact that the murder takes place so late in the story that you almost forget that this is supposed to be a murder mystery. Instead, you get to meet all the characters, learn their secrets and affiliations, begin to develop feelings for them. It is very Agatha Christie like and very cool. The great characters added to the brilliant descriptions of European cities, tour stops, and culture makes the reader feel like they are taking part in the tour and gives them a personal stake in discovering whodunnit. Death of Leprechaun is no exception. Lana has secured a spot on her current tour for dear friends of hers and she is really looking forward to touring Dublin. Unbeknownst to her, almost every member of the tour has a connection to a corrupt reporter who ends up dead. Everyone he has written about or even for has a motive to want him dead, but only Lana’s tour group had access to the murder weapon. Beyond the search for the murderer, I have to admit my favorite part of this book is when Dottie and later Lana hang a lantern on the fact that guests in Lana’s tours always seem to turn up dead. Though I will give kudos for the switch up here in that the tour group is still suspect, but the victim, is an outsider. Readers who enjoy travel fiction, epic character development, and clever mysteries will enjoy this series.

The House on Crow Mountain

Rebecca Lee Smith


The House on Crow Mountain is probably the most uncozy-like cozy I have ever read. Don’t get me wrong it totally adheres to all the cozy rules; no graphic language, sex, or violence. It also follows the popular cozy tropes; a small town, a broken-hearted woman who returns home to make a new start, clever pets, etc. It is just I consider cozy to be a light afternoon read. More fluff than serious. I mean no disrespect to the books and authors I have read to date, some are among my all-time favorites. This book from the first sentence to the last pulled me into a hard mystery thriller that just happened to follow cozy rules. It has everything; gripping suspense, a leading lady wracked with grief and guilt, and a possible love interest trying to redeem himself from a tragic mistake, or was it? There are far-reaching family secrets, menacing red herrings, and a sinister plot. There was no guessing whodunnit before the reveal. I really (I mean really) did not like the person, but there were so many other people to not like, to suspect, to think about that it barely registered. I could not put this book down as the story unfolded and the floating, maybe relevant plotlines merged bringing the story to its climax. I seriously hope for this to be a series as there are characters that I would love to learn more about, but I tell you, I would be okay with this being a one-off. The story as it stands has mostly been told and it is that good. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Rating: 5 out of 5.

Railroaded 4 Murder

J. C. Eaton

$8.99 $8.27

That Cover! 5 stars But seriously, I honestly can imagine Streetman behaving that way. Every time I see the cover I giggle just a little bit. Between his actual antics and Sophie’s love-to-hate-him relationship, it is safe to say the dog is the star of the show (and he probably knows it too) How Sophie keeps her sanity with her mom, her mom’s friends, and that dog is beyond me. Any one of them is a natural disaster waiting to happen without the involvement of the rest, but together??? When a friend of Sophie’s mom is wrongly accused of murdering her probably philandering husband, the book club goes undercover into a dance group and a model train club with some hilarious results. Actual experience with either activity is apparently not required. These Arizona seniors are a force to be reckoned with and they take no prisoners. With operation Agatha in full swing, Sophie is dragged into helping them find proof of the woman’s innocence any way she can. You can’t go wrong with a J.C. Eaton book. Fun, (sometimes frustratingly) quirky characters, and a great quest of a mystery with a satisfying unsuspected ending coupled with just enough of the ongoing drama that is the life that Sophie shares with her mom and her sleuthing friends keep readers coming back for more, page after page, book after book. Plus, you know, a tap-dancing dog… It is always an enjoyable reading experience. ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Rating: 4 out of 5. I received an advance review copy for free through Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours, and I am leaving this review voluntarily

Dragons Walk Among Us

Dan Rice


Knot Ready for Murder

Mary Marks

$8.99 $8.27

On Skein of Death

Allie Pleiter

$7.99 $7.35

Much Ado about Nauticaling

Gabby Allan

$15.95 $14.67

Music is Murder

B. J. Bowen

$16.95 $15.59

Silence in the Library: A Lily Adler Mystery

Katharine Schellman

$27.99 $25.75

The Only Way Home

Jeanette Minniti

$14.99 $13.79