Lost Souls Let the Right One in 'Salem's Lot 'Salem's Lot Let the Right One in Fevre Dream The Historian
Fledgling Dracula Lost Souls Carrion Comfort The Historian The Strain The Historian
Interview with the Vampire I Am Legend I Am Legend The Strain Vlad Interview with the Vampire Interview with the Vampire
Carrion Comfort Dracula Lost Souls Vlad Let the Right One in Fledgling Fevre Dream

Essential Vampire Novels

By Blue Train Books

By Blue Train Books

Essential Vampire Novels

The Historian

Elizabeth Kostova


Let the Right One in

John Ajvide Lindqvist


Interview with the Vampire

Anne Rice


Lost Souls

Poppy Brite


Carrion Comfort

Dan Simmons



Octavia E. Butler



Carlos Fuentes


The Strain

Chuck Hogan and Guillermo del Toro


Fevre Dream

George R. R. Martin


'Salem's Lot

Stephen King


I Am Legend

Richard Matheson



Bram Stoker