By Bridge Street Books

DC Poets

The Scientific Method

Kim Roberts


The Collected Poems of E. Ethelbert Miller

E Ethelbert Miller


The Known Universe

Terence Winch


The Rest Is Censored

K. Lorraine Graham


Buildings Without Murders

Dan Gutstein


If God Invented Baseball: Poems

E Ethelbert Miller


Carry Her Home: Stories

Caroline Bock


The Shore

Chris Nealon


Unintended Empire: 1989-2012

Buck Downs


Fort Necessity

David Gewanter


The Collected Poems of Sterling A. Brown

Sterling a Brown


The World's Room

Joshua Weiner


Skeleton Coast

Elizabeth Arnold


Scattered Clouds: New & Selected Poems

Reuben Jackson


The Man Who Got Away: Poems

Grace Cavalieri


Temporary Worker Rides a Subway

Mark Wallace



Joe Ross


Owl of Minerva: Poems

Eric Pankey


In the Lateness of the World: Poems

Carolyn Forché


The Country Between Us

Carolyn Forche


He Told Me

Tyler French


The Poetry Witch Little Book of Spells

Annie Finch


The Book of Landings

Mark McMorris



Mark McMorris


Uncivil War

Indran Amirthanayagam



Rod Smith


What It Doesn't Have to Do with: Poems

Lindsay Bernal



Taylor Johnson


Reasons for the Long Tu'm

Sara Cahill Marron