By Divine Cool Breeze Books

Children's Books

Angel Star

John King and Emma Turley


Big Sister Book

Shanti Ghosh and Ekaterina Denisova


The Chalk Giant

Christopher Greaves


The child and Silence

John King


Felicity Fox

Alia Einstein and Shanti Ghosh


If I Could

Zohreh Rezazadeh


The Keys of Wisdom: A Fantasy of Reality

Linda J. Williams


Leo LionHeart

Alia Diez Einstein


My First Book of Chakras

Ghosh Shanti and Jeff Raum


Oakee Doakee and the Ego Bomb

Edward Saugstad


Oakee Doakee and the Hate Wave

Edward Saugstad


Oki Doki Und Die Hasswelle

Edward Saugstad


The Ouka World: Let's Save Our Climate

Carole Stora-CaltΓ© and Vincent Fisson


Ravi, the victorious

Virata Books


Regina Raccoon

Alia Einstein


Rhinoceros Tails Book One

Patrick Redican


Teddy and the Power Within

Felicity Payment and Shanti Nair


Teddy Gives a Bandhan

Fellicity Payment and Shanti Nair


Touches of Wisdom

Shanti Ghosh