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Grandma BalllyHuHu: and the Mystical Coin

Marti Melville and Brooke I. Nutt

$11.97 $11.01

A children’s story about adventure, imagination, and pirates. When Boone finds a mystical coin hidden inside Grandma BallyHuHu’s treasure chest, he suddenly finds himself on board an ancient ship and discovers the real hidden treasures lie within his imagination as he voyages at sea with pirates.

Grandma BallyHuHu and the Sparkly TuTu

Marti Melville and Brooke Nutt

$11.97 $11.01

A children's book written to encourage young readers to use their imaginations. When Isabel discovers a sparkly tutu hidden inside Grandma BallyHuHu’s treasure chest, she suddenly finds herself center stage, where Izzy learns the real treasure lies within her imagination. There, she dances as the prima ballerina in a magical world filled with chocolate chip trees, hockey players, and a magical Pegasus.

El Árbol Milagroso: The Miracle Tree

Austin Highsmith Garces

$14.99 $13.79

Justamente antes de Navidad, la pequeña Austin de solo dos años ingreso al hospital, uno de los lugares que mas temen los niños. Hasta sus padres sentían cierto temor por la pequeña Austin. Pero cuando su padre vió aquel árbol tan especial, él hizo una promesa. ¿Se debió el milagro de Austin a los doctores y las enfermeras, o fue este milagro debido a la promesa hecha a este árbol tan especial?

The Miracle Tree

Austin Highsmith Garces

$24.99 $22.99

The Miracle Tree by Austin Highsmith Garces A children's book to encourage faith and hope when facing illness (based on the author's experience as a little girl). Just before Christmas, 2-year-old Austin walked into the scariest place ever – the hospital. Even her mom and dad were afraid for little Austin. But when her daddy glimpsed a very special tree, he made a promise. Was Austin’s miracle because of the doctors and nurses, or was it due to a special miracle that happened because of a promise and a very special tree?