Celtic, Arthurian, and Druidic Lore & Wisdom

By Paradise Found

By Paradise Found

The Secret History of Mermaids and Creatures of the Deep

Ari Professor Berk and Various

$18.98 $17.46

The Druid Plant Oracle: Working with the Magical Flora of the Druid Tradition [With Booklet]

Stephanie Carr-Gomm, Philip Carr-Gomm, et al.

$28.95 $26.63

Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom

John O'Donohue

$16.98 $15.62

The Lost Book of the Grail

Charlie Lovett


A novel

The Sidhe: Wisdom from the Celtic Otherworld

John Matthews, Deva Jean Berg, et al.

$15.95 $14.67

Taliesin: The Last Celtic Shaman

John Matthews

$19.95 $18.35

Druid Animal Oracle Deck: Working with the Sacred Animals of the Druid Tradition

Philip Carr-Gomm, Stephanie Carr-Gomm, et al.

$14.95 $13.75

The Druids: Celtic Priests of Nature

Jean Markale

$18.95 $17.43

A Druid's Herbal for the Sacred Earth Year

Ellen Evert Hopman

$14.95 $13.75

The Druid Grove Handbook

John Michael Greer

$15.95 $14.67

Druid Magic: The Practice of Celtic Wisdom

Maya Magee Sutton and Nicholas R. Mann


Witches, Druids and King Arthur

Ronald Hutton


Celtic Spirituality

$31.95 $29.39

Celtic Prayers from Iona

J. Philip Newell

$16.95 $15.59

Celtic Lenormand

Chloë McCracken

$22.95 $21.11

Sophia: Goddess of Wisdom, Bride of God

Caitlín Matthews


The Complete King Arthur: Many Faces, One Hero

Caitlín Matthews and John Matthews


Walkers Between the Worlds: The Western Mysteries from Shaman to Magus

John Matthews and Caitlín Matthews

$26.95 $24.79

King Arthur's Raid on the Underworld: The Oldest Grail Quest

Caitlin Matthews, John Matthews, et al.

$40.00 $36.80

Arthurian Magic: A Practical Guide to the Wisdom of Camelot

Caitlin Matthews, Virginia Chandler, et al.


The Grail Tradition

John Matthews


Celtic Traditions

Sirona Knight and Jim Knight


Celtic Art: The Methods of Construction

George Bain

$18.95 $17.43

Journey to Avalon: The Final Discovery of King Arthur

Chris Barber and David Pykitt


The World of King Arthur

Christopher Snyder


King Arthur: The History and Folklore of the Arthurian Legend

Charles River Editors and Jesse Harasta


Glastonbury: Avalon of the Heart

Dion Fortune


Glastonbury: Myth & Archaeology

Philip Rahtz and Lorna Watts


The Grail Legend

Marie-Louise Von Franz and Emma Jung

$37.50 $34.50

The Merlin Trilogy

Mary Stewart

$29.99 $27.59

Merlin and the Dragons

Jane Yolen and Li Ming

$8.99 $8.27

Merlin: Priest of Nature

Jean Markale

$19.95 $18.35

Mage Merlin's Unsolved Mathematical Mysteries

Satyan Devadoss and Matthew Harvey

$24.95 $22.95

The True History of Merlin the Magician

Anne Lawrence-Mathers


The Mists of Avalon

Marion Zimmer Bradley

$20.00 $18.40

Walking in Wonder: Eternal Wisdom for a Modern World

John O'Donohue and John Quinn

$25.00 $23.00

The Mabinogion

$13.95 $12.83

Earth Alchemy

Glennie Kindred


The Death of Merlin: Arthurian Myth and Alchemy

Walter Johannes Stein

$29.95 $27.55

The Big Book of Pagan Prayer and Ritual

Ceisiwr Serith

$24.95 $22.95