Celebrate National School Library Month

By BHC Press

By BHC Press

Alina: A Song For the Telling

Malve Von Hassell


A young girl dreams of becoming a female troubadour. Refusing to accept an oppressive life, she embarks on a journey with her brother through the Byzantine Empire where she becomes embroiled in political intrigue in the noble courts.

Crystal Heart

Whitney Morris


When eighteen-year-old Mellissa meets the magical changeling Gregory, she discovers an enchanted world of leprechauns. Now she must find the strength to accept her destiny as the Heart Crystal keeper-and guard mankind from the evil leprechaun Kadon before he breaks free.

Nassir's White Coat

Artigua Kilpatrick and Rebecca Fischer


When an albino gorilla is born, the gorilla community is confused by how different he is. This beautifully illustrated book will help teach children about diversity and acceptance.

Hood Academy

Shelley Wilson


When a young teen's abusive father is murdered by a mysterious creature, she is taken to the mysterious Hood Academy by an estranged uncle and is thrust into a world she didn't know existed...a world of werewolves. Though trained to be a hunter, Mia feels a pull to the world she has sworn to destroy. What will be her destiny?

A Life, Redefined

Tracy Hewitt Meyer


Seventeen-year-old Rowan Slone eases the pain of her baby brother's death by cutting. She dreams of escaping her dysfunctional family and going to college. When her long-time crush invites her to Prom, life suddenly begins to look better. Can Rowan find the strength to move toward a brighter future?

The Savage Peak

Jon David


When a young demon and her mentor are forced to abandon their sanctuary on a far-off world they must return to the realm of Hell. When Morgalla finds herself on the run on another world as she tries to adapt and fit into a culture where both demons and humans coexist.

The Reformation of Marli Meade

Tracy Hewitt Meyer


Raised on an isolated Appalachian mountain, teen Marli yearns to break free from her father's diabolical church but fears its clutches are so deep there is no escape. When she meets a local boy she realizes her life is worth fighting for. When sinister church secrets are exposed, Marli be tested beyond her imagination.

Light of Darkness

Lonnie Davidson


Kyle Ross has had the same dream of blood and death for a month. His nightmare is just beginning when the dream finally stops. A demon of war has now become part of Kyle's real world and he is discovering he may be more than what he thought he was as he must find himself and save those he loves from the impending storm.

The Secret of Dinswood

Ellen Alexander


Twelve-year-old Emma Higsby quickly falls in love with her new home, the beautiful but financially troubled Dinswood Academy. When she discovers a riddle of buried treasure, Emma and her new friends must solve the clues and claim the prize before their beloved school must close its doors forever.

Beneath the Rainbow: Freya's Story

Lisa Shambrook


It's those silly dreams that keep us alive. Freya won't let anything stand in the way of her dreams-not even her death. Now her family will need to uncover the clues to her secrets before it's too late.

The Phantom's Curse

Shelley Wilson


The Phantom's Curse updates the myth and legend of Robin Hood and infuses it with sorcery, magic, adventure, and plenty of sword fights. It follows Marianne's (Maz) journey as she battles with a corrupt lord and wicked sorcerer, gathers her band of merry men, and does battle with an ancient demon. Suitable for middle grade and YA readers.

Ia: Initiate

John Darryl Winston


One young man with latent supernatural abilities plus a street gang hell-bent on recruiting him equals IA: Initiate. The most important thing in the world to young orphan Naz Anderson is keeping his little sister safe but when they see a seemingly random act of gang violence, Naz discovers a secret that plunges him into a supernatural world within.