Books I've heard were good but I haven't seen yet

By CedarStone Children's Bookstore

By CedarStone Children's Bookstore

Looking forward to reading these.  I hope they're as good as the description because I want them in my Bookstore!

The Harlem Hellfighters

Max Brooks and Caanan White

$16.95 $15.59

It's about a WWI regiment, given this nickname by the Germans they were fighting against.

I'm a Pretty Little Black Girl!

Betty K Bynum

$16.95 $15.59

A girl sees inner beauty in all the girls around her.

The Boy in the Black Suit (Reprint)

Jason Reynolds

$11.99 $11.03

A novel about grief and loss

Ghost, Volume 1 (Reprint)

Jason Reynolds

$7.99 $7.35

A novel about a new boy on his middle school track team and the friendships he forms with the other runners and his coach.

Rise of Zombert

Kara Lareau and Ryan Andrews

$15.99 $14.71

It doesn't come out till July, but it sounds cute: it's about 2 boys who think the cat is a zombie.

City Beyond Time: Tales of the Fall of Metachronopolis

John C. Wright


Science fiction

The One and Only Ivan

Katherine Applegate and Patricia Castelao

$8.99 $8.27

Told from the point of view of Ivan, a zoo gorilla who is happy with his two friends. Ivan re-examines his life after he meets an elephant new to zoo life.

The One and Only Bob

Katherine Applegate and Patricia Castelao

$18.99 $17.47

Ivan's friend Bob, a dog, needs help finding his sister. (Read Ivan first. I'm listening to Bob now and I'm a bit lost because I haven't read Ivan yet.)

Clap When You Land

Elizabeth Acevedo

$18.99 $17.47

Shadow in the Dark, Volume 1

Antony Barone Kolenc

$14.95 $13.75

Sing Like No One's Listening

Vanessa Jones

$17.99 $16.55

Nettie Delaney has just been accepted into a prestigious performing arts school—the very same school her superstar mother attended. With her mother’s shadow hanging over her, Nettie has her work cut out for her—and everyone is watching. To make matters worse, Nettie hasn’t been able to sing a single note since her mother died. Whenever she tries, she just clams up. But if Nettie’s going to survive a demanding first year and keep her place in a highly coveted program, she’ll have to work through her grief and deliver a showstopper or face expulsion. All about finding and raising your voice, and not throwing away your shot, Vanessa Jones’s well-crafted journey of grief and healing will pull readers along with its strong narrative voice and satisfying sense of mystery.

The Nine Laws

Ivan Throne


"Read these lessons well. Absorb their teaching, and build their knowledge into your own life. Take full advantage of the opportunity to be the most powerful person in the room. Each lesson is linked to an image. Share the links, and share the knowledge. As you read through these lessons, consider well how they apply to your own life and situations. Read these lessons again and again. They are powerful, and simple, and they will bring you to a stronger understanding of your posture and your freedom in the dark world. The lessons are designed to snap you into heightened awareness and more objective perspectives."