Books from people I know and love

By Ashley Sargeant Hagan

By Ashley Sargeant Hagan

As an author, I get to meet some really great authors!  Here's a few who's books I recommend.

Not Meant to Be: Trusting God for the Redemption of Singleness

Joanne Hofmeister

$15.99 $14.71

Still single at 40. Many single Christian women desiring marriage find themselves dealing with disappointment due to unexpected singleness, especially when they believe God designed them for marriage. How should we view unwanted singleness? Is it God's plan or His punishment? Is it His gift or our fault? And if we feel disappointed, does that mean we're breaking the biblical principle to be content with our lives? These are a few of the questions Joanne Hofmeister seeks to answer in Not Meant to Be, which chronicles her own quest at the age of 40 to reconcile the reality of her unfulfilled desires with the faith-filled expectation for marriage she had for her life. Through the the stories of other single women and insights from biblical examples, she validates the feelings of loss that many women experience and uncovers God's heart for them in the process. Joanne's honesty, vulnerability, and commitment to truly knowing God while sharing her own journey through disappointment leads others to find hope in God's redemptive nature.

Owl's Outstanding Donuts

Robin Yardi

$17.99 $16.55

After Mattie Waters loses her mother, she goes to live with her aunt, the owner of a roadside donut shop in Big Sur, California. When an owl taps on Mattie's window one night, Mattie looks out to see something suspicious taking place nearby. With help from her friends—and from Alfred, a stuffy but good-hearted owl—, she'll set out to find the culprits, facing fears that have followed her since her mother's death.

Your Killin' Heart: A Mystery

Peggy O'Neal Peden


Contrary to popular belief, not everyone in Nashville is an aspiring country music star. Campbell Hall, for one, just wants to get her travel agency off the ground and move on from a break-up. But when she gets the opportunity to visit the mansion of mysterious country icon Jake Miller, she jumps at the chance. After all, who knows what clues are lurking around the long-dead star’s last home? But as Campbell pokes around, she discovers more than a few sequined suits and priceless memorabilia. She finds Hazel Miller, Jake’s widow, quietly resting in a bedroom on the main floor. But Hazel might just be dead quiet. And Campbell might just be the last person to have seen her alive. Juggling the twisty plots of high-profile country stars with her blossoming business―not to mention the tattered remains of her love life―Campbell thinks she’s got everything figured out. But when the danger becomes personal, she must uncover a killer who will stop at nothing to get what they want―or face the music.

Networking Kills: Success Through Serving

Mark H. Maxwell

$14.99 $13.79

Networking Kills lays out what the Bible and Jesus say about true success. Weaving scripture with Maxwell's own stories from his professional career and pop culture illustrations (John Mayer, Bruce Springsteen, Kim Kardashian, Johnny Cash), Networking Kills examines the need for cultural change concerning our pursuit and definition of "success" in every area of life, and shows how serving is actually the key.

Faithful Daughter: True, Inspiring Stories Celebrating a Mother's Legacy and Love

Ami McConnell

$12.99 $11.95

This beautiful tribute to motherhood is an inspiring collection of 35 intimate stories by women, for women to celebrate God's faithfulness and the powerful influence of a mother's love. These mothers and daughters reveal their heartfelt stories of joy, pride, and grief as they share about the deep bond, the unconditional love, the lifelong connection, as well as the pain, the trials, and the inevitable heartbreak. Through each testimony you'll be inspired to explore your own mother/daughter journey, and hopefully find that you are also God s daughter and He loves us just the way we are.

Kind Is the New Classy: The Power of Living Graciously

Candace Cameron Bure

$24.99 $22.49

As a woman in today’s world, you know what it’s like to feel pressure on all sides from clashing cultural expectations. How can you stay true to who God has uniquely created you to be in the face of the script you’ve been given? What’s more, how can you stand your ground with grace? The classy confidence you know and love—whether it’s on set at Full House or Fuller House, Dancing with the Stars, The View, or Candace’s Hallmark films—is no act. But it hasn’t come easy. In fact, learning to stay true to herself with grace has been one of the biggest fights of Candace’s life. The secret, she has learned, is kindness: it’s classy, unexpected, even counter-cultural, and ultimately wins the day.