By DeColores Christian Books & Gifts (Christian & Catholic Books)

By DeColores Christian Books & Gifts (Christian & Catholic Books)

First Communion Bible-NAB

Confraternity of Christian Doctrine


The Night Before My First Communion

Natasha Wing and Amy Wummer

$4.99 $4.59

The Seven Sacraments

Lawrence G. Lovasik


The Sacraments

Lawrence G. Lovasik


The Sacrament of Reconcilia

Jude Winkler


Jesus Speaks to Me about Confession

Angela Burrin and Maria Cristina Lo Cascio

$14.95 $13.75

In this book, Jesus speaks lovingly to children about the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Each step of the sacrament is explained through beautifully illustrated Bible stories such Joseph forgiving his brothers, Jesus encountering Zacchaeus, and the parables of the prodigal son and the lost sheep. This keepsake book makes a wonderful gift for any child preparing for first Penance.

Jesus Speaks to Me on My First Holy Communion

Angela M. Burrin and Maria Cristina Lo Casco

$13.95 $12.83

In this unique gift book, Jesus speaks warmly and lovingly to children who are receiving him in the Eucharist for the first time. In twelve scenes from Scripture, from Creation to Pentecost, Jesus explains that it is his Father's plan for each child to be part of their family of love. Colorfully illustrated and includes pages to preserve memories of the day. Also include traditional prayers such as the Our Father and the Hail Mary. Hardcover, 48 pages ~ 8 1/4" x 9 1/4" ~ ages 5-10

My First Communion Prayer Book

Angela Burrin and Maria Cristina Lo Cascio

$16.95 $15.59

This collection of new and traditional Catholic prayers will help children make prayer a daily part of their lives. From the moment they wake up in the morning until they go to bed at night, they can turn to Jesus with a special prayer. Each page is beautifully illustrated with scenes from the Bible that will captivate every child. An entire section is dedicated to the prayers of the Mass, so children can take this book with them to church on Sundays.

My First Communion: A Keepsake Book

Jamie Calloway-Hanauer and Precious Moments

$14.99 $13.79

Treasure this special step in faith with Precious Moments in My First Communion. This beautiful book commemorates and explores the significance of receiving communion and what it means to be a member of the Christian faith. With space to write about this important ceremony, along with places for others sharing the day to leave words of congratulations and encouragement, My First Communion is the perfect keepsake to commemorate receiving this important sacrament.

My First Holy Communion: Prayers for a Lifetime

Sophie Piper and Angelo Ruta

$14.99 $13.79

Need a gift for First Communion? The perfect gift for every child ages 7-9 on this most important occasion! This book has the color illustration and textual simplicity to appeal to children around the age of 7, and the charm and respectfulness to appeal to the adult buying the book. Designed with a fill-in page to commemorate the event, and space for a photo to be stuck in, My First Holy Communion contains prayers on the themes of praising God, remembering baptism, coming to confession, taking part in Holy Communion, and living a Christian life. This keepsake concludes with a section of appealing and reassuring blessings and will be welcomed not only as a memento of a special day, but as an encouragement to grow as a Christian throughout one's life.

Remembrance of My First Holy Communion-Girl-White Edges: Marian Children's Mass Book

Mary Theola

$6.95 $6.39

This binding of the Marian children's Mass Book, features a padded hardcover binding with gold stamped, cover and spine. White edges. White cover-Girl version.

Remembrance of My First Holy Communion

Mary Theola


This binding of the Marian children's Mass Book, features a padded hardcover binding with gold stamped, cover and spine. White edges. Black cover. Boy version.

Remembrance of My First Holy Communion-Sacramental-Girl: Marian Children's Mass Book

Mary Theola


This binding of the Sacramental edition of the Marian, children's Mass Book features a padded cover, rounded, spine, gold stamping and gold edges. Girl Edition

Receiving Holy Communion: How to Make a Good Communion

Lawrence G. Lovasik


This St. Joseph Picture Book was written and illustrated to help children understand the purposes and procedures for receiving Holy Communion

The Holy Rosary

Lawrence G. Lovasik


Each Mystery of the Rosary is illustrated in full color and accompanied by easy-to-read prayers.

Catholic Child's First Communion Gift Bible

Victor Hoagland and Ruth Hannon

$19.95 $18.35

This edition comes with a padded simulated leather, cover, gold stamping, gold edtes, and Communion, certificate pages. Gift boxed. Blessings edition-girl.

New Catholic Children's Bible: Inspiring Bible Stories in Word and Picture

Thomas J. Donaghy

$13.95 $12.83

Over 90 Bible stories for children, richly illustrated, in full color. From the story of creation to the naming, of Peter as Pope, this volume will educate and delight, children.

Nrsv, Catholic Bible, Gift Edition, Leathersoft, White, Comfort Print: Holy Bible

Catholic Bible Press

$29.99 $27.59

With its beautifully designed presentation pages, attractive line-matched Scripture layout, Smyth-sewn binding, and many extra features, this special Gift Edition of the Catholic Bible is perfect for any gift-giving occasion.

New Testament and Psalms: New Catholic Version

Catholic Book Publishing Corp

$17.95 $16.51

We are pleased to offer our popular NCV New Testament, and Psalms together in one volume in four different, bindings. Both texts are complete and therefore their, best and most-lauded features remain: readability;, copious, well-written, and informative footnotes;, photographs; maps; and the words of Christ in red. This New Catholic Version translation, in conformity, with the Church's translation guidelines, is intended, to be used by Catholics for daily prayer and meditation, as well as private devotion and group study. Accolades we have received from satisfied readers of, the NCV New Testament: The words of scripture come, alive before your eyes.... The notes bring a depth to, the scriptures I have found in few other translations., ...the NCV...will likely be my first choice when, looking for a translation that is clear, immediate, and, speaks directly to the heart. Features gilded edges.

Youcat: Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church

Cardinal Christoph Schonborn


YOUCAT is short for Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church, which is the official catechism for World Youth Day. Written for high-school age people and young adults, YOUCAT is an accessible, contemporary expression of the Catholic Faith. The popular format includes Questions-and-Answers, highly-readable commentary, margin pictures and illustrations, summary definitions of key terms, Bible citations, and quotes from the Saints and other great teachers. What's more, YOUCAT is keyed to the Catechism of the Catholic Faith, so people can go deeper. It explains: What Catholics believe (doctrine) How they celebrate the mysteries of the faith (sacraments) How Catholics are to live (moral life) How they should pray (prayer and spirituality) The questions are direct and honest, even at times tough; the answers straightforward, relevant, and compelling. After the Bible, YOUCAT will likely become the "go-to" place for young people to learn the truth about the Catholic faith. Pope Benedict XVI wrote the foreword; Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn, the editor of YOUCAT and the Archbishop of Vienna, Austria, wrote the afterword.

Youcat Confirmation Book: Student Book

Nils Baer and Bernhard Meuser


Written for the candidates in junior high and high school (or older), this YOUCAT Confirmation book provides in-depth preparation for receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation. Designed in the same popular format as the best-selling YOUCAT, this book has interesting, lively text on many spiritual topics and themes to help the student be well prepared to receive the Sacrament. It also includes many good questions throughout the book that youth ask about the faith, God, Jesus, the Church, etc., and the answers are cross referenced with either the Bible or with YOUCAT. Among the topics covered are: Why the World is Broken, Jesus-More than a Mere Man, In Search of the Holy Spirit, Prayer-Staying in Touch with God, The Church, Eucharist, Confession, the Rite of Confirmation, and more. Like Youcat, the creative design includes many fun illustrations, color pictures, quotes from saints, popes and scripture, and the favorite moving stick figures at the bottom of each page.

Youcat Confirmation Leader's Handbook


"I invite you: Study this Catechism! That is my heartfelt desire." -- Pope Benedict XVI YOUCAT Confirmation Leader's Handbook is a practical companion for teachers/leaders to the YOUCAT Confirmation Student Book. The handbook features fully planned lessons based on the 12 chapters of the YOUCAT student book. Each handbook chapter includes a brief overview of the session's theological points as well as a set of activities--for multiple levels of engagement--and the resources needed for the lesson. Includes graphic resources and other materials.

Youcat Bible


An Introduction to the Bible with Selected Biblical Texts Extract Bible of the Catholic Church for teens and young adults. The selection of the most important biblical passages provides a good overview for readers. The YOUCAT Bible is also ideal for beginners, thanks to introductions to every book in the Bible. It received the Red Dot Award in 2017 for its beautiful design, which includes numerous inspiring illustrations, photos and quotations.

Confirmation Book: Updated in Accord with the Roman Missal

Lawrence G. Lovasik

$9.95 $9.15

This book is intended to be both a manual for preparatin for the sacrament of confirmation and a remembrance of this important event in the spiritual life of the confirmed Catholic.

My Confirmation Book

Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle

$16.99 $15.63

Part keepsake, part teaching book, this small volume is filled with inspiration, encouragement, and reflections to ponder for 4th graders and up. Through simple text, it explains the privileges and responsibilities imparted through the sacrament of Confirmation. Compelling stories about saints and children their own age will help kids become more familiar with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and learn how the gifts can be active in their own lives. The apostolic mission of a confirmed Catholic is emphasized and readers are reminded that the sacrament of Confirmation is exciting--the same Holy Spirit who appeared to the apostles and the Blessed Mother at Pentecost is the one who will come to them when they are confirmed.

The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Arthur J Serratelli

$5.95 $5.47

Bishop Serratelli's words help you appreciate more fully how the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit can help you live a truly authentic Christian Life.

Daily Meditations with the Holy Spirit: Minute Meditations for Every Day Containing a Scripture, Reading, a Reflection, and a Prayer

Jude Winkler

$9.95 $9.15

These minute meditations for every day of the year, contain a Scripture reading, a reflection, and a, prayer. Father Winkler offers us an opportunity to, develop a closer relationship with the Holy Spirit and, apply the fruits of our meditation to our everyday, lives.

Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Kevin Vost

$18.95 $17.43

Many of us fail to recognize that obtaining the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit is absolutely essential to getting to heaven. We often block their reception through our own faults. We fail to see how they are passed on or strengthened in the sacraments. And, sadly, we forget to petition God in prayer to bestow these gifts upon us. In these pages, Dr. Kevin Vost best-selling author of The One-Minute Aquinas provides us with a substantive yet readable introduction to the seven gifts and how we can humbly submit our wills to the stirrings of the Holy Spirit. As Dr. Vost explains, these God-given gifts help us to conform our lives to His image, intellect and will. They prevent us from being drawn into frustration and possibly self-destruction by following our own sensual appetites. Indeed, the gifts of the Holy Spirit are the only path to being fully happy on earth and in the life to come.

The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Mitch Finley

$12.99 $11.95

God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. We've all heard the familiar description. But what does it really mean? And what difference does it make? According to Mitch Finley, it matters only if we care about love, peace, and joy. In this lively yet informative discussion of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit and how they figure into the lives of Catholics today, Finley serves up a potpourri of down-to-earth commentary, thought-provoking reflections, and concrete evidence from the Catechism, Vatican II, and other sources. In his popular, reader-friendly style, he demonstrates how the seven gifts are the marks of God's image in us; they are the ways by which we form ourselves into a new person, conformed to the will of God and full of justice and holiness.

Daily Companion for Young Catholics: Minute Meditations for Every Day Containing a Scripture, Reading, a Reflection, and a Prayer

Allan F. Wright

$9.95 $9.15

Add this small book to the mix of tablets and, smartphones that are daily accessories in every teen's, life. The author, a father of 4 and a veteran high, school teacher, talks the talk that will get their day, off the fast track and onto the right track. In a, matter of minutes they will read Scripture, a brief, reflection and a prayer that relates to their, lives--friends, family, bullying, church, life choices. There is no proselytizing in these pages, no, accusations or condemnations, only the repeated and, clear message that Jesus loves them and wants to help, them. This book comes with a lifetime guarantee: if, they read it, He will come. Confirmation, Graduation, Birthday, any day--hands down, Daily Companion for, Young Catholics is the right fit.

Ablaze: Stories of Daring Teen Saints

Colleen Swaim

$14.99 $13.79

Following Christ isn't always easy. You need faith, courage, patience, and love. Colleen Swaim looks at eight young souls who became saints for the against-the-current, selfless heroism of their teen years. In addition to the inspiring stories, Ablaze includes maps, recipes, prayers, journal prompts, scripture references and reflection questions to help the reader apply the saints' experiences to every day life. Read how an Italian high school student inspired thousands as she faced cancer joyfully. Follow a new Christian as he marches to his death by fire after standing firm in his faith in the face of a wretched king. Lock arms with a young man and his crucifix as he dares brawling teens to throw the first stone. We are all called to follow Christ in our own ways. This book will inflame your heart with vivid storytelling, saintly challenges, prayers, images, and more. Discover how you can set your world ablaze with love for the Lord! Features: Saint Dominic Savio; Saint Teresa of the Andes; Saint Kizito; Blessed Chiara Luce Badano; Saint Stanislaus Kostka; Saint Alphonsa of the Immaculate Conception; Blessed Pedro Calungsod; and Saint Maria Goretti.

Philip Neri: Saint for Confirmation

Barbara Yoffie and Jeff Albrecht

$6.49 $5.97

Philip Neri was born in 1515 in Florence, Italy. He was such a kind and cheerful little boy that people called him "good little Philip." He studied in Rome, a city where many people had forgotten their faith, but not Philip. One night while he was praying, the Holy Spirit filled his heart with God's love and the joy of the Holy Spirit. He became a priest and used the gift of the Holy Spirit to help the people of Rome to grow in their faith. Through the sacrament of Confirmation, the Holy Spirit comes to us just as it did to Philip. And like him, we are called to inspire others to do the work of God. He is the patron (May 26) of joy and the city of Rome. Saints are real-life heroes of faith who inspire us by their virtues to become more like Christ. In the Saints and Me! series, these beautifully illustrated early-reader books tell the real stories of saints that come to life and connect with today's children aged 4 to 9.

The Bread of Life Coloring & Activity Book


Have fun while reinforcing the principles taught on the Brother Francis "The Bread of Life" DVD. This coloring & activity book is full of activities that help prepare children for their first Holy Communion.

The Saints Coloring & Activity Book


Have fun while reinforcing the principles taught on the Brother Francis "The Saints" DVD. This coloring & activity book celebrates the life-changing power of the mass.

The Forgiven Coloring & Activity Book


Have fun while reinforcing the principles taught on the Brother Francis "Forgiven!" DVD. This coloring & activity book explores the gift of God's forgiveness through the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Jesus Speaks to Me about the Mass

Angela M. Burrin and Maria Cristina Lo Cascio

$12.95 $11.91

A Pocket Catechism for Kids, Updated

Mike Aquilina and Fr Kris D Stubna