Books by Haden faculty, presenters and graduates past and present

By Haden Institute Bookstore

By Haden Institute Bookstore

Reimagining God and Religion: Essays for the Psychologically Minded

Jerry R. Wright


Drawing on the insights of Jungian or analytical psychology, Dr. Wright offers depth psychological analysis of our contemporary religious and political dilemmas, as well as invites readers to be midwives for the emerging religious myth that many believe to be on our collective horizon -- a myth that will be more inclusive, intellectually and scientifically honest, and soul satisfying.

The Wisdom of Your Dreams: Using Dreams to Tap Into Your Unconscious and Transform Your Life

Jeremy Taylor


A renowned expert on the subject of dreams, Jeremy Taylor studied dreams and worked with thousands of people both individually and in dream groups for more than forty years. His discoveries show us how dreams can be the keys to gaining insight into our past and our conflicts, as well as excursions into the fantastic realm of creative inspiration.

The Promised Land

Rawls Howard


The Redemption of Yahweh

Rawls Howard


Soul Making: The Desert Way of Spirituality

Alan W Jones


A leading spiritual writer recovers "The Desert Way of Believing" -- the spiritual pathway discovered by early Christian monks who lived in the Egyptian desert that is still relevant to Christians today. Alan Jones distills the elements that made this fully orthodox way of inner transformation a unique and important part of the early church. Refreshingly readable and filled with rich insights, Soul Making draws together the spirituality of modern literature and elements of psychology.

Passion for Pilgrimage

Alan Jones


The Christian spiritual journey is a pilgrimage to wholeness, a search for home that is in God. In this classic work on contemporary spiritual living, Alan Jones explores the various parts of the pilgrimage home. Using literature, art, and biblical texts as illustrations, he explores our search for light and love, repentance, and forgiveness in the context of the Passion and Easter stories. An excellent book for group study during Lent and Easter, this new edition includes study questions at the end of each chapter.

Dreams and Spirituality

$40.00 $36.80

Inner Work: Using Dreams and Active Imagination for Personal Growth (Revised)

Robert A. Johnson

$16.99 $15.63

A noted author and Jungian analyst Robert Johnson teaches how to use dreams and inner exercises to achieve personal wholeness and a more satisfying life.

Spiritual Pilgrims

John Welch

$18.95 $17.43

Kissing My Shadow: Poems

Merrill Farnsworth


The Invention of Wings

Sue Monk Kidd

$17.00 $15.64

Healing and Christianity

Morton Kelsey


Dreams and Healing

John A. Sanford


Prison Dreams

Carol Oschmann


The Practice of Presence: Five Paths for Daily Life

Patty De Llosa and Patty De Llosa

$14.95 $13.75

Taming Your Inner Tyrant

Patty De Llosa and Patty De Llosa

$14.95 $13.75

Designed to SHINE!: Read Aloud Rhymes for Any Size Heart

Joy Resor and Lauren Connell

$14.95 $13.75

The Psalms: Distilled in Verse

Jan Christophersen


The Night Pilgrimage

Cori Pursell


Soul Fire: Accessing Your Creativity

Thomas Ryan

$16.99 $15.63

Numbers in Dreams

Doris Snyder


Minding the Self: Jungian meditations on contemporary spirituality

Murray Stein


Many people have an aptitude for religious experience and spirituality but don't know how to develop this or take it further. Modern societies offer little assistance, and traditional religions are overly preoccupied with their own organizational survival. Minding the Self: Jungian meditations on contemporary spirituality offers suggestions for individual spiritual development in our modern and post-modern times. Here, Murray Stein argues that C.G. Jung and depth psychology provide guidance and the foundation for a new kind of modern spirituality.

The Unquiet Monk: Thomas Merton's Questing Faith


Michael Higgins offers a fresh interpretation of Merton's complex and multivalent genius. Drawing in part on interviews with those who knew him, Higgins explores the story of Merton's life, his work as a poet and writer, his prophetic response to war and social disorder, his contemplative response to the human condition, and his forays into interreligious dialogue.

Genius Born of Anguish: The Life & Legacy of Henri Nouwen

Kevin Burns and Michael W. Higgins


Michael Higgins the official biographer of Nouwen and the presenter of the Canadian Broadcasting Company's radio series that commemorates his life, Higgins offers vital new inside information from Sue Mosteller (Nouwen's literary executrix); his brother, Laurent; Robert Ellsberg; Jean Vanier; friends; students; and colleagues.

Life and Spirit in the Quantum Field: Spirit is real, feelings rule and other adventures in quantum life

Doug Bennett


Spirit is real, feelings rule and other adventures in quantum life.

Tending the Fire: The Story of a Marriage

Jeannie Dubose

$28.00 $25.76

Becoming Conscious: The Enneagram's Forgotten Passageway

Joseph Benton Howell Ph D

$20.99 $19.31