Books by Authors Hosted by Literary Modiin

By Julie Zuckerman

By Julie Zuckerman

Books by Authors Hosted by Literary Modiin

The Thread Collectors (Original)

Shaunna J Edwards and Alyson Richman


The Lost Women of Azalea Court

Ellen Meeropol


Dreams Under Glass

Anca L Szilágyi


One Hundred Saturdays: Stella Levi and the Search for a Lost...

Michael Frank and Maira Kalman


A Remarkable Kindness

Diana Bletter


Three Muses

Martha Anne Toll



Sara Lippmann


There Are Still Woods

Hila Ratzabi


Begat Who Begat Who Begat

Marcus Pactor


The Resurrector

Moshe Mikanovsky


Suburban Souls

Maria Espinosa


A Play for the End of the World

Jai Chakrabarti


After Abel and Other Stories

Michal Lemberger


The Light of the Midnight Stars

Rena Rossner



Sarah Ansbacher


Atomic Anna

Rachel Barenbaum


Escape Route

Elan Barnehama


Dreaming Against the Current: A Rabbi's Soul Journey

Haviva Ner-David


In the Shadow of Dora

Patrick Hicks


The Man Who Sold Air in the Holy Land: Stories

Omer Friedlander



Rutu Modan


How to Find Your Way in the Dark

Derek B Miller


Returning to Carthage

Ben Sharafski