Book Club Picks for June 2021

By BHC Press

By BHC Press

A Hall of Keys and No Doors

Emmie Mears


A young professor who has spent the past three years recovering from the sudden loss of her twin brother inherits her grandmother's family home and discovers that the hall of keys on the third floor may have the power to alter her life forever.


Caytlyn Brooke


Endless travel, breathtaking views, passionate lovers, and instant gratification. The Vertix H2 is too good to be true, and Maggie can't get enough of this amazing technology. But when she begins to favor the virtual world over reality, her perfectly built life is plunged into chaos.

The Path Keeper

N. J. Simmonds


Ella is struggling to get over her past-until she meets Zac. He's always loved her but isn't meant to be part of her story. Not this time. Little does she know that his secret is the one thing that will tear them apart.

The Immortal Prudence Blackwood

Stephanie Grey


In 1947 a brutal killer emerges leaving the police with no leads. When the mysterious Prudence Blackwood appears to help hunt for the murderer, they learn a tale of vengeance and immortality that could stop the monster before they strike again.