Book Club Picks for April

By BHC Press

By BHC Press

Serpent Rising

Victor Acquista


When Serena discovers a note left by her aunt describing an ancient war and a Brotherhood bent on keeping the truth of the past hidden, she begins a journey around the world as she chases answers. She soon finds she is destined to become a lightbringer like her aunt before her, and that the Brotherhood will stop at nothing to control her power.

The Butterfly

Paul M Hedeen


When a young student discovers documents left behind by his deceased professor he is drawn into the dark aftermath of WWII, and the life of Hitler's companion and wife, Eva Braun. Memoirs, fairy tales, fiction, and scenarios interweave and reveal her postwar fate of and the secrets of the famous Holocaust photo, "The Last Jew in Vinnitsa."

The Window Is a Mirror

Michael Andreoni


A gritty collection of short stories which deftly mines both working-class and privileged sensibility to extract common elements. Characters of varying social strata are subjected to merciless scrutiny as they pursue prizes of dubious value, heedless of cost. Whether or not they get what they want is the least of their problems.

Northern Light

Deb Davies


Recently widowed Claire hopes to find her new normal with the help of a houseful of friends, but renewing her spirits takes a back seat when she and her friends become the victims of harmless pranks that escalate to threatening letters, injuries, and even death. And then, they come face-to-face with someone who hates Claire enough to take lives.