Bibles and Commentaries

By Afikomen Judaica

By Afikomen Judaica

Bibles and Commentaries

The Hebrew Bible: A Translation with Commentary

Robert Alter


The Five Megilloth and Jonah

Jewish Publication Society Inc


A Concise Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament

William L Holladay


Koren Jerusalem Tanakh-FL


Koren Tehillim


Israel: Biblical Archaeology


Back to the Sources

Barry W. Holtz


The JPS B'Nai Mitzvah Torah Commentary

Jeffrey K. Salkin


The Bedside Torah: Wisdom, Visions, and Dreams

Bradley Shavit Artson and Miriyam Glazer


The Torah for Dummies

Arthur Kurzweil


Queering the Text

Andrew Ramer


Cain & Abel: Finding the Fruits of Peace

Sandy Eisenberg Sasso and Joani Keller Rothenberg


Heavenly Torah: As Refracted Through the Generations

Abraham Joshua Heschel


Beginning of Desire: Reflections on Pb: Reflections on Genesis

Avivah Gottlieb Zornberg


Esther: Power, Fate and Fragility in Exile

Erca Brown


Ruth: From Alienation to Monarchy

Yael Ziegler


Tehilim: El Libro de los Salmos

Rabino Isaac Weiss


Psalms in a Translation for Praying

Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi


Bdb Hebr-Eng Lexicon

S R Driver, Charles A. Briggs, et al.


In the Fever of Love: An Illumination of the Song of Songs

Shefa Gold and Phillip Ratner


Torah Journeys: The Inner Path to the Promised Land

Shefa Gold and Rabbi Shefa Gold


The Chassidishe Parsha Torah Or-Likkutei Torah

Rabbi Yaakov Goldstein




Chanting the Hebrew Bible (Student)

Joshua R. Jacobson


The Family Parsha Book

Shalom Hammer


Sidrah Sparks: Talking Torah at the Table with Your Family

Dov Peretz Elkins and Dov Peretz Elkins


Wrestling Jacob

Shmuel Klitsner


The New Jewish Canon