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By Russia Online Bookstore

The Story of Sidonie C.: Freud's famous case of female homosexuality

Ines Rieder and Diana Voigt

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Sidonie C. was born in 1900 and became particularly well-known for being sent to Dr. Freud as a young woman in order to treat her homosexuality. She became a famous case documented by Freud. With vivid language, Ines Rieder and Diana Voigt tell the eventful story of a strong-willed and fascinating woman from an upper-class family whose life was profoundly shattered by the expulsion and extermination of the Jewish population. The biography is based on numerous interviews and many years of research and was supplemented by extensive photographic material and detailed background information.

Patrick Leigh Fermor: Noble Encounters Between Budapest and Transylvania

Michael O'Sullivan


This book revisits the trajectory of one section of Patrick Leigh Fermor's famous pedestrian excursion from the Hook of Holland to Constantinople. This S.O.E. officer walked into Hungary as a youth of 19 at Easter of 1934 and left Transylvania in August. A cross between Indiana Jones, James Bond and Graham Greene the New York Times obituary put it in 2011, this intrepid traveller published his experiences half a century later. Between the Woods and the Water covers the part of the epic journey on foot from the middle Danube to the Iron Gates. It has been a bestseller since it was first published in 1986.

Comrade Baron: A Journey Through the Vanishing World of the Transylvanian Aristocracy

Jaap Scholten


In the darkness of the early morning of 3 March 1949, practically all of the Transylvanian aristocracy were arrested in their beds and loaded into lorries. That same day the Romanian Workers’ Party was pleased to announce the successful deportation and dispossession of all large landowners. Communism demanded the destruction of these ultimate class enemies. Under the terror of Gheorghiu-Dej and later Ceaucescu the aristocracy led a double life: during the day they worked in quarries, steelworks and carpenters’ yards; in the evening they secretly gathered and maintained the rituals of an older world.

Jewish Cuisine in Hungary: A Cultural History with 83 Authentic Recipes

András Koerner

$60.00 $55.20

Andras Koerner refuses to accept that the world of pre-Shoah Hungarian Jewry and its cuisine should disappear almost without a trace and feels compelled to reconstruct its culinary culture. His book - with a preface by Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett - presents eating habits not as isolated things, divorced from their social and religious contexts, but as an organic part of a way of life. Ten chapters cover the culinary traditions and eating habits of Hungarian Jewry up to the 1940s. Although primarily a cultural history, it includes 83 recipes, as well as nearly 200 fascinating pictures of daily life and documents.