Association for Jewish Studies

By Indiana University Press

By Indiana University Press

Association for Jewish Studies

The Phenomenon of Anne Frank

David Barnouw


On the Mediterranean and the Nile: The Jews of Egypt

AimΓ©e Israel-Pelletier


Jewish Family: Identity and Self-Formation at Home

Alex Pomson and Randal F. Schnoor


Mass Violence in Nazi-Occupied Europe

David Stahel and Alex J. Kay


The Rise of the Modern Yiddish Theater

Alyssa Quint


Martin Buber's Theopolitics

Samuel Hayim Brody


Menachem Begin and the Israel-Egypt Peace Process: Between...

Ziv Rubinovitz and Gerald M. Steinberg


Jews in Arab Countries: The Great Uprooting

Georges Bensoussan


Antisemitism in Film Comedy in Nazi Germany

Valerie Weinstein


A Jewish Refugee in New York: Rivke Zilberg's Journal

Kadya Molodovsky


Nine Talmudic Readings

Emmanuel Levinas


Spoiling and Coping with Spoilers: Israeli-Arab Negotiations

Galia Golan and Gilead Sher


The Kindertransport: Contesting Memory

Jennifer Craig-Norton


Yiddish in Israel: A History

Rachel Rojanski


Blaming the Jews: Politics and Delusion

Bernard Harrison