Arte of the Booke Piracy and Seafaring

By Arte of the Booke

By Arte of the Booke

Arte of the Booke Piracy and Seafaring

Anne Bonny the Infamous Female Pirate

Phillip Thomas Tucker


Blackbeard's Sunken Prize: The 300-Year Voyage of Queen...

Mark U Wilde-Ramsing and Linda F Carnes-McNaughton


Early Ships and Seafaring: European Water Transport

SeΓ‘n McGrail


A Short History of Seafaring

Brian Lavery


Roman Warships

Michael Pitassi


City of Fortune: How Venice Ruled the Seas

Roger Crowley


The Middle Sea: A History of the Mediterranean

John Julius Norwich


The Barbary Pirates 15th-17th Centuries

Angus Konstam and Gerry Embleton


Pirates: Truth and Tales

Helen Hollick


Sir Francis Drake (a Wicked History)

Charles Nick


The Pirate Ship 1660-1730

Angus Konstam and Tony Bryan