Apocalypse Reads, because, Why Not?

By White Birch Books

By White Birch Books

A Boy and His Dog at the End of the World

C. a. Fletcher

$16.99 $15.63

If you're the type of person that always asks, "But does the dog live?" when watching a movie, this post-apocalyptic plot twist of a novel is for you.

Station Eleven

Emily St John Mandel

$16.95 $15.59

Once again, apocalypse = bad, but the preservation of art, music and Shakespeare = good. When I read this one, it stayed with me for so long and I still think about it.

Hollow Kingdom

Kira Jane Buxton

$27.00 $24.84

S.T., a domesticated crow, is our narrator as the humans in this landscape devolve. When I pitched this to my book group, they thought I was crazy, but S.T. is one of the most realized characters that I have read recently and this book gripped my heart and I will love that crow forever. This book still sits on my bedside table!

The Book of M

Peng Shepherd

$16.98 $15.62

The Second Sleep

Robert Harris

$26.95 $24.79

An apocalyptic novel that appears like historical fiction. Very tricky!

The End of the World Running Club

Adrian J. Walker

$15.99 $14.71

The title kind of gives this away, but - yes - it's the end of the world. Our main character needs to get from one side of England to another to reunite with his family and he only has a short amount of time, hence the running. This one is tense and creepy and shows how quickly society falls apart.

The Salt Line

Holly Goddard Jones


I'm getting itchy just thinking of this book!! It's the near future and people live within barricaded cities with miles of salted ground around them. All this to protect them from the deadly TICKS! Of course, there are some really rich people who engage in a kind of eco-tourism to the tick-infested countryside and that's where the 'fun' starts!


Marc Elsberg

$7.99 $7.35

Things are bad now, but what would happen if the grid went down - no electricity, no wifi, no communication? That's what this book is all about and it's amazing what the ripple effects are here. It's a race against time to save the world!

When the English Fall

David Williams


This is a look at the apocalypse from another point of view - the journal of an Amish farmer. When modern civilization collapses, the Amish are actually fine, but when people realize what they have and start arriving at their farms, they are called by their beliefs to help, even if it is to their own detriment. Wow!

Dread Nation

Justina Ireland

$11.99 $11.03

More of an alternative history than an apocalyptic read, this Civil War-era story features zombies!


Chuck Wendig

$18.00 $16.56

Shana wakes up one morning to discover her little sister in the grip of a strange malady. She appears to be sleepwalking. She cannot talk and cannot be woken up. And she is heading with inexorable determination to a destination that only she knows. But Shana and her sister are not alone. Soon they are joined by a flock of sleepwalkers from across America, on the same mysterious journey. And like Shana, there are other "shepherds" who follow the flock to protect their friends and family on the long dark road ahead. For as the sleepwalking phenomenon awakens terror and violence in America, the real danger may not be the epidemic but the fear of it. With society collapsing all around them--and an ultraviolent militia threatening to exterminate them--the fate of the sleepwalkers depends on unraveling the mystery behind the epidemic. The terrifying secret will either tear the nation apart--or bring the survivors together to remake a shattered world.