Anthologies featuring the work of Theric Jepson

By Thmazing Thtore

By Thmazing Thtore

The Fob Bible

Eric W. Jepson, Danny Nelson, et al.

$23.99 $22.07

Blood-Red Fruit (with Danny Nelson) | How Long Till Two Times | Along with the Rainbow | Solomon’s Reprise | Them Bones Them Bones Gonna—Walk Around | Ezra’s Inbox | Maher-shalal-hash-baz | Gomer | How to Get Over It | Balaam's Sin


Shannon Iwanski, Franklin Charles Murdock, et al.


Featuring AML Award-shortlisted "The Naked Woman," originally published by Pulp Literature in 2015---children in a fictionalized Idaho town track down a supernatural creature that has something to teach them, just by walking down the street

Press Forward Saints

Nathan Shumate and Sean Smith


"The Prophetess of Mars, or, the Modern Prometheia" (a novella): Twenty-four years after first landing upon Mars, the Saints have been cut off from all communication with Earth as they still struggle to understand their harsh new home. When the remaining men perish in a series of disasters, the colonies’ women need not only to assure their own survival, but they must dig deeper into the mysteries of their new Mother Planet in order to bring forth further generations. "This is so goddamn weird and so goddamn awesome. I love it." --- D.J. Butler, author of Witchy Eye

Monsters & Mormons


Theric's semi-autobiographical, semi-fictional introduction outraged some readers. Buyer beware. The rest of the collection has done nothing but garner praise, however, so maybe skip the Theric and read the book?

A Mantle of Stars: A Devotional for the Queen of Heaven

Bibliotheca Alexandrina


"Our Mother Who Art in Heaven" is a short essay discussing this doctrine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and my writing of "A Hymn for Mother’s Day in Common Meter."

Redneck Eldritch

Brad R. Torgersen, Robert J. Defendi, et al.


"The Swimming Hole": A woman moves back to Oklahoma with her family and watches with deep discomfort as her children learn things about their ancestral homeland better left unknown.