By Jensbooktalk


Pipsqueaks, Slowpokes, and Stinkers: Celebrating Animal...

Melissa Stewart and Stephanie Laberis


A Frog's Life

Irene Kelly and Margherita Borin


Terrific Tongues!

Maria Gianferrari and Jia Liu


How to Be an Elephant

Katherine Roy


What If You Had an Animal Nose?

Sandra Markle and Howard McWilliam


What If You Had Animal Feet?

Sandra Markle


Over in the Grasslands: On an African Savanna

Marianne Berkes and Jill Dubin


Play Like an Animal!: Why Critters Splash, Race, Twirl, and...

Maria Gianferrari and Mia Powell


Wild about Us!

Karen Beaumont and Janet Stevens


The Farm That Mac Built

Tammi Sauer and Jackie Urbanovic