Adlai's Picks: Best of the Decade

By White Whale Bookstore

By White Whale Bookstore

A Manual for Cleaning Women Lib/E: Selected Stories

Lucia Berlin

$18.00 $16.56

The GOAT story collection, don’t @ me.

Citizen: An American Lyric

Claudia Rankine

$20.00 $18.00

Code switching, microaggressions, stop-and-frisk, lynchings, Trayvon Martin, Serena Williams, poetry, essays, photography, art, CITIZEN felt groundbreaking when it was published in 2014. “Claudia Rankine’s CITIZEN comes at you like doom. It’s the best note in the wrong song that is America.” ---Hilton Als

The Argonauts

Maggie Nelson

$15.00 $13.80

Part memoir and part criticism, Nelson’s landmark work explores gender, sexuality, family, and is done so with a remarkable force of intellect, scholarship, and empathy. Or to put it another way: This book will fucking blow your mind and change you as a person.

A Loving, Faithful Animal

Josephine Rowe

$16.95 $15.59

 A haunting and deeply humane look at a family from small-town Australia and  their attempts to deal with lasting   traumas of the Vietnam War. Filled with such beautiful prose that at times it made me audibly gasp. 

Improvement Lib/E

Joan Silber

$16.95 $15.59

A celebration of normal people and normal lives using unornamented language. You will have a hard time stopping this once you start it. Think Alice Munroe, but less gutting. One of those rare books that teaches you how to live.