Abby's Staff Picks

By Underground Books

By Underground Books

Sky in the Deep

Adrienne Young

$10.99 $10.11

If you're a fan of strong, adventurous girls fighting for what they believe in and finding love along the way, this book is for you! Set in the age of Vikings, this book compels you from page one. Eelyn grew up fighting with her clan in a religious feud, until she finds out her brother who she thought had died young is still alive and fighting with their rivals. Her attempt to rescue him lands her in a world of trouble and leaves her with a heavy decision to make. Recommended for fans of Divergent!

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Stephen Chbosky

$15.99 $14.71

I loved this book. This is a story that will definitely pull at your heart strings, especially if you can relate to family drama at a young age. I really like how the story is told from Charlie’s point of view, you can really understand his emotions and what he is going through. I also like how the dialogue was a little more sophisticated than what you would expect from a teenage boy's mind. This book reminded me that you don't know what's going on in someone else's life.

The Fault in Our Stars

John Green

$12.99 $11.95

I've always thought the book was better than the movie and with this book that's completely true. The characters just have a wit and sophistication to their way of thinking that I think is really cool since its told through a teenager's perspective. Hazel Lancaster deals with the daily struggles of life with cancer and this eventually brings her to meet Augustus Waters who has experience in that area as well. They both have the same witty humor (and big surprise) they end up falling in love. If you've never seen the movie before this book fair warning will make you cry but I highly recommend.


Ann Aguirre

$10.99 $10.11

I'm normally not one that enjoys an apocalypse story but the Razorland trilogy is awesome. It's all about how the world has been stricken with a disease that basically turns everyone into this new form of zombie state. There are those few survivors who have taken to the underground. That's where this trilogy begins when we meet Deuce, a teenage girl who has just been promoted to Huntress. In the first book, she and her new partner, a boy who used to live on the surface, are roaming the underground to look for food and keep tabs on the zombie freaks who are hunting them.

To Kill a Mockingbird

Harper Lee

$17.99 $16.55

This classic Southern novel makes you think about the goodness of a person and how to carry on despite adversity. You can really see the struggles of the main characters during this time, especially with the difficulty of racial inequality in the 1930s and the effect that it had on both young children and adults.