4 Books to Read for Autism Acceptance Month

By Second Star to the Right

By Second Star to the Right

Autism awareness month is a significant part of the year, and should become a conversation in everyone’s homes. Children and the future can only benefit from understanding how those with autism see and function in this world. The following titles support and draw attention to the intricate and beautiful lives of those living with ASD, or autism spectrum disorder. Individuals living with ASD are thriving and struggling in this world just like all of us, and it is extremely important to make the effort in understanding how people who are different from us function in this world. Everyone can better themselves from more understanding, and it can start with reading about Autism to your families.

A Friend for Henry: (books about Making Friends, Children's Friendship Books, Autism Awareness Books for Kids)

Jenn Bailey and Mika Song

$16.99 $15.63

A positive and gentle story about what it is like for a child with autism to make friends in a classroom setting. A great comparison story for typically developed children that can start an important conversation about Autism.

I See Things Differently: A First Look at Autism

Pat Thomas

$8.99 $8.27

An essential read for anyone wanting to see how a child with autism views the world. Their perspective is wonderfully illustrated and explained

We're Amazing 1,2,3! a Story about Friendship and Autism (Sesame Street)

Leslie Kimmelman and Mary Beth Nelson

$10.99 $10.11

A sweet story about the Muppet with Autism and how she interacts with other loves Sesame Street characters.

The Perfect Project: A Book about Autism

Tracy Packiam Alloway and Ana Sanfelippo

$17.95 $16.51

A inclusive book that shares with the world how to best support someone with autism, and gives a glimpse into what their world is like. Concluded with facts and supports for adults to learn too!