2021 Pushcart Prize Nominated Books

By BHC Press

By BHC Press


Rosie Cranie-Higgs


In a Swiss mountain village, Kira's winter holiday erupts when something in the woods imbeds its claws into her sister. Kira will have to hunt for answers in the otherworldly forest known as Whiteland, where nothing's as it seems.

Range of Light

Scott Neuffer


Three strangers meet at Yosemite's famed Mist Trail: a disillusioned investment banker, a Chinese dissident artist escaping persecution, and a middle-aged woman trying to rebuild her life after divorce. By day's end, two of them will be dead.

Trailer Baby

Kathryn Sanoden Pearson


When a psychologist discovers her teen daughter is pregnant, her shaky life becomes more so. But, when she learns the father is one of her patient's sons, things take an even stranger turn. A refreshingly honest, uplifting story of hope and healing.

Stel Parad

Lisa Menzel


Chicago 1845: A jaded I&M Canal gravedigger witnesses mysterious events and soon learns the whole town is cursed. As revengeful deaths and visitations from unsettled spirits plague the town, the Hughes and encamping Native American tribe must use their medicine and magic as a barrier to save themselves from the unholiest of brotherhoods.

Shelter: Lost & Found

R. a. Conroy


After saving a stray dog from a street gang, a homeless teen finds a home at an animal shelter and meets an eccentric group of misfits. As she helps to save the sinking shelter, she learns it's possible to change the world.

Alina: A Song For the Telling

Malve Von Hassell


A young girl dreams of becoming a female troubadour. Refusing to accept an oppressive life, she embarks on a journey with her brother through the Byzantine Empire where she becomes embroiled in political intrigue in the noble courts.