Dive into the New York Times bestselling Sweet Valley Twins series!

Follow twins Jessica and Elizabeth on all their middle school adventures!

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Kids Can't Get Enough Sweet Valley Twins!

“Incredibly relatable.”

—Adelyn, 9 years old

“Fun characters and exciting plot.”

—Marion, 6th grade

"Funny and entertaining.”

—Jadelyn, 6th grade

“I really liked the book, I hope there will be more like this soon.”

—Leah, 4th grade

“I look forward to reading more books in the series.”

—Maddie, 4th grade

Use discount code SWEETVALLEY at checkout to receive 10% OFF the graphic novels!


Francine Pascal is the creator of the Sweet Valley universe, which includes Sweet Valley Twins, Sweet Valley High, and Sweet Valley Unicorn Club. Over their lifetime, Sweet Valley books have sold millions of copies, been adapted into a TV series (in the eighties), and inspired board games, puzzles, and dolls. It is one of the most popular kids' book series of all time. Francine lives in New York and the South of France.

Nicole Andelfinger was crafting stories as far back as when coloring in the squiggles on your composition book was considered cool. Since then, she's only continued to dwell in the realms of magic, monsters, and myth. When not changing her hair color or writing comics for some of her favorite characters, she works a day job best described as 'emails'. She lives with her absolutely, most decidedly perfect cat in Los Angeles.

Illustration of Elizabeth walking and waving
Illustration of Jessica smiling and walking
Illustration of Jessica and Elizabeth giggling together

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