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Celebrate Pride Month by purchasing a new book by a LGBTQIA+ author.
Choose any of the below titles and receive 15% off at checkout with code Pride24

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Happy Pride!

Join and NowThis in honoring Pride Month by purchasing a new book by a LGBTQIA+ author. All throughout June, choose any of the below titles* and receive 20% off at checkout with code: Pride2023

First and foremost, we hope you consider getting your books from an LGBTQIA-owned bookstore during Pride Month, and all year long. And if you can't visit a store in-person, before you buy your titles on, we hope you choose for your purchase to support a LGBTQIA-owned affiliate store on our map below!

GET 20% OFF with the code PRIDE2023

* Discount code ends after June 30, 2023.

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With Teeth by Kristen Arnett

With Teeth is a deeply felt, deeply uncomfortable, deeply hilarious story of a total disaster of a lesbian. It asks questions about parenthood and queer community that will stay circulating around my brain for a long time to come.

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You Exist Too Much by Zaina Arafat

A Palestinian American bisexual DJ with a love addiction is the protagonist of this novel, which unfolds in vignettes with flashes of the past, bouncing between New York, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Italy, DC. The protagonist’s mess of affairs, flirtations, obsessions, and realizations all thread together brilliantly — sometimes sexy, sometimes sad.

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Your Driver Is Waiting by Priya Guns

Told in electric first-person prose, Your Driver Is Waiting is a rip-roaring story of family — blood and chosen — fighting to survive under capitalism.

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Big Swiss by Jen Beagin

Big Swiss asks ongoing and open-ended questions about sex, trauma, violence, about violation, observation, obsession. It's a sexy, hilarious novel about an age gap affair and a house full of bees.

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People Collide by Isle McElroy

A uniquely enjoyable read, People Collide most importantly does that rare but incredible thing of exploring cishet relationships by and through a queer vantage point without feeling glib, trite, or silly.

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Vagabonds! by Eloghosa Osunde

Osunde writes that hope is fear transmuted. Vagabonds! Is exactly that. The novel is hope given form. A beast, formed by one of the strongest of all forces: love. At first Tatafo shares the scary things, the not-so-secret secrets.

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Support LGBTQIA+-Owned Bookstores

LGBTQIA+-owned stores are essential community hubs that foster culture, preserve history, and nourish a love of reading. Join us in celebrating LGBTQIA+-owned bookstores across the U.S., and find yours below!

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Explore More Pride Month Reads

Click on the covers for details, and remember to use the code Pride24 to get 15% off!

Flyboy by Kasey LeBlanc

Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda meets The Night Circus in this YA novel, about a boy who visits a magic circus in his dreams to escape reality, where his trans identity remains a secret.

Gay Science: The Totally Scientific Examination of LGBTQ+ Culture, Myths, and Stereotypes by Rob Anderson

Discover the inner workings of the LGBTQ+ community with this humorous and informative book. Author and comedian Rob Anderson borrows the familiar science textbook format to skewer ridiculous queer stereotypes with his own version of science.

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For Them x Autostraddle is a partnership dedicated to elevating queer stories and creators, building a progressive and empowered online community, and delivering queer joy through products and content that reimagines what it means to define and embrace yourself. Everything we do is made for queer people, by queer people.