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Book cover of Minecraft Ideas Book
Book cover of A Kids Book about Beauty by Ashley Graham

From your phone to your shelf—discover these bestselling books for making meaningful memories

Model and Activist Ashley Graham wants you to know you’re beautiful just the way you are, and will teach you how to believe it, too. Beauty is something that belongs to all of us. It’s not just for models and celebrities. Being beautiful, inside and out, is about how we see ourselves. This book teaches kids aged 5-9 that beauty is a state of mind and it's something we can practice everyday.


YouTube sensation Rob Jenson and his family have built a huge following thanks to their delightfully accessible lessons that gather the whole family to make art together! From teaching you how to draw cute pets to jungle favorites—this unique easy-to-follow book puts fun first, encouraging kids to draw in their own way and be proud of the results.

From kawaii cakes to cute fruit, silly sushi, and lunches that can talk—Rob Jensen and his family from the popular Art for Kids Hub YouTube channel will teach you and your kids how to draw cute and funny food items with a clear and easy approach that’s fun for the whole family!

Actress and Producer Jessica Biel in collaboration with encourages you to start important conversations about our bodies and empower the next generation. This must-have book provides details about how periods work, and helps to show children aged 7-9 that periods are normal and that getting your period is actually pretty cool — it's one of the things we share as human beings!

Make the most of your garden's bounty with over 100 vegetable-forward recipes from Lemon Stripes' Julia Dzafic. Julia's husband Anel is an avid gardener, and over the years, Julia has been taking their garden's bounty and experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen.

Step into Old Time Hawkey's magical world with 100 comforting recipes and stories inspired by the beauty of Northern Michigan. This joyful collection offers comforting recipes like Pumpkin Pancakes, Dutch Oven Nachos, and Honey Cinnamon Cold Brew.

Throw away those measuring tools and let your senses guide the way! Whether you're looking to create the perfect blend of spices for your chai or to master making roti dough by feel, cooking requires a lot of trial and error. Take your time and enjoy the process.

A friendly journey through the captivating world of terrariums—from the creator of one of the most famous terrariums ever. Hello Tiny World will inspire a wide readership to discover the tiny wonder of a different kind of container gardening in their own homes—no outdoor space needed.

Follow Huw's carefully curated year-round growing plan to yield six portions of vegetables per person per day, plus batching and preserving recipes!
If you've ever wondered how to get the most produce out of your backyard garden, then this is the book for you.

Social media star Kacie Rose offers a funny, joyful, and honest account of the highs and lows of living abroad. By sharing stories of life under the Tuscan sun, Kacie explains how travel is a privilege, why cultural differences are the coolest, and how there's a positive you can take away from any situation.

Creative meals for wherever life takes you! With more than 75 recipes that cover breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, and more, Adam will help you bridge the gap between cooking in a modern kitchen and cooking in less-conventional spaces.

Get 15% Off all books on this page with the code DK15

Book cover of Hello, South Korea: Meet the Country Behind Hallyu

Korea is a global phenomenon. K-pop tops the charts, kimchi spices up meals and K-drama dominates TV screens. Now, it’s time to discover more of the country and culture that’s captivated the world.

Book Cover of Be More Japan: The Art of Japanese Living

Whether you're dreaming about your first journey, revisiting the trip of a lifetime or simply in love with all things Japan, this book will transport you to this fascinating country.

Book cover of Europe by Train

Plan your perfect trip and enjoy a European adventure by train with this inspiring and practical guidebook with 50 hand-picked itineraries.

Book cover of USA National Parks

Distinguished by rust-red canyons, snow-capped peaks and silent forests, the USA National Parks are yours to roam. Immerse yourself and find out what makes them unique.

Book cover of Run: Races and Trails Around the World

Take a loop around stunning Lake Bled, jog along a section of China’s famous Great Wall or tackle the historic Boston Marathon in Run, celebrating 100 of the world’s most amazing races and routes.

Ride: Cycle the World

Power up mountain passes in Italy’s Dolomites, tackle Bolivia’s infamous Death Road or go island-hopping in Japan: Ride takes you around the world in search of adventure on two wheels.

Book Cover of Hike: Adventures on Foot

Lace up your boots for an adventure on the world's best hiking trails. Featuring 125 of the most spectacular walking trails across the globe, Hike is the ultimate inspiration for travelers to explore under their own steam.

Book cover of Where to Go When

Discover when to explore Costa Rica's rainforests, journey into the clouds in Nepal or gaze at the saw-toothed crags of Canada's Rocky Mountains in this breathtaking guide to over 100 destinations.

Book cover of Go Here Instead: The Alternative Travel List

Bursting with beautiful photography, this alternative bucket list takes some of the world's best-known sights, experiences and destinations and reveals more than 100 fascinating alternatives.

Book cover of Boston Like a Local: By the People Who Call It Home

Beyond Boston's rich history and world-famous universities are experimental breweries, super-cool jazz clubs and design-led jewelry stores that locals love - and that's where this book takes you.

Book cover of Paris Like a Local: By the People Who Call It Home

Paris is so much more than the Louvre and Champs-Élysées. Turn the pages to discover funeral parlors hosting Tai Chi classes, barge bars with live jazz bands, and Rasta restaurants plating up incredible vegan fare.

Book cover of London Like a Local: By the People Who Call It Home

You won't find the London Eye or Buckingham Palace in these pages, because that's not where Londoners hang out. Instead, you'll meet the locals at hidden record shops, cosy pubs and indie galleries - and that's where this book takes you.


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